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Russia bears down on Lysychansk, targeting police and judicial buildings

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Sievierodonetsk and its neighbouring city, Lysychansk, continue to be battered by intense Russian shelling as Moscow edges closer to seizing the last pocket of resistance in Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk region. Luhansk’s...

US unveils new sanctions on Russia, targeting services, media and defense industry

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The US has unveiled a new layer of sanctions on Russia, targeting services, Russia’s propaganda machine and its defence industry on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s planned Victory Day parade. The new measures were announc...

One Nation directs preferences to Labor in five seats targeting ‘left-leaning Liberals’

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One Nation has divided its support between the major parties on how-to-vote cards, directing supporters to preference Labor in at least five seats while helping the Coalition in the north Queensland seat of Leichhardt...

Parents targeting teachers with ‘aggressive’ emails since Covid outbreak

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Parents now feel they can access teachers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have got into the habit of firing off “aggressive and accusatory” emails at any time of the day or night, a teaching conference has hear...

Greens launch filibuster attempt to stop NSW bill targeting road-blocking protesters

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The Greens are mounting a last-ditch effort to stop the New South Wales government passing a controversial bill which would see protesters who block major roads, ports or train stations face up to two years in prison,...

NSW government urged to halt new bill targeting road-blocking protesters

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A coalition of unions, environmentalists and human rights groups have called for the New South Wales parliament to halt a hastily drafted bill that would see protesters who block major roads, ports or train stations f...

What’s stopping us from targeting these 20,000 hyper-rich Russians? Western elites

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The Ukrainian crisis has revived an old debate: how to effectively sanction a state like Russia? Let’s say it straight away: it is time to imagine a new type of sanction focused on the oligarchs who have prospered tha...

Interpol arrest warrant allegedly targeting Kuwaiti princess and partner ‘on political grounds’

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A Kuwaiti princess seeking asylum in Bosnia-Herzegovina has claimed the Kuwaiti state is using an Interpol red notice to intimidate and harass her and force the extradition of her partner, a prominent dissident blogge...

Guerra Russia-Ucraina: UK says Russia targeting populated areas as Ukraine military reports ‘fierce battles’ to protect some cities

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British military intelligence also said on Sunday the ‘scale and strength of Ukrainian resistance continue to surprise Russia’

Ukraine says Russia targeting civilians as missiles hit Kyiv TV tower

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Russia is planning a major psychological operation to try to persuade Ukrainians to capitulate, and is targeting civilians with missile strikes in an attempt to demoralise the population, the government in Kyiv, Ukrai...

Facebook takes down disinformation network targeting Ukraine

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Facebook and Instagram have taken down a disinformation network targeting people in Ukraine, as their owner announced it was blocking access to Kremlin-backed media organisations in the country. Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta...

EU to announce sanctions targeting Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov

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The EU will seek to freeze the foreign-held assets of Vladimir Putin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, under a new sanctions package due to be finalised on Friday, foreign ministers have said. The move is large...

Visual guide to deadly US raid targeting Islamic State leader in Syria

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Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi took over as leader of Islamic State in 2019 following the deaths in quick succession of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Baghdadi’s nominated successor Abu Hassan al-Muhajjir. The US operat...

l'Osservatore può rivelare

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l'Osservatore può rivelare (EPA) l'Osservatore può rivelare.

Eight-year-old girl shot dead by Chicago gunman targeting someone else

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A gunman targeting someone else on Chicago’s south west side instead shot an eight-year-old girl in the head, killing her, la polizia ha detto. The Cook county medical examiner’s office identified the victim on Sunday as Me...

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