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Plaaslike Covid -entstowwe vul die leemte, aangesien die VN -Covax -skema die doelwit misloop

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Ontwikkelende lande wend hulle toenemend tot tuisgemaakte Covid-inentings namate die Covax-program wat deur die VN gesteun word, agter raak. Terwyl Westerse lande hul eie bevolkings bevorder, Covax, wat vasgestel is ...

Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: Die 12de jaar van Victoria keer terug na die skool ondanks stygende gevalle; NSW nader 70% dubbele inentingsdoelwit

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Gesondheidsowerhede is bekommerd oor die toename in gevalle in die suidooste van Melbourne; NSW om vandag of môre weer die entstofkoers te bereik - volg al die nuus van vandag

Jacinda Ardern looks to life beyond lockdowns with 90% vaccination target

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Jacinda Ardern wants to make New Zealand a world leader in Covid vaccinations, inoculating 90% of the population, but experts warn there will be challenges ahead as the prime minister seeks to find a way to take the h...

China pledge to stop funding coal projects ‘buys time for emissions target’

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Xi Jinping’s announcement that China will stop funding overseas coal projects could buy the world about three more months in the race to keep global heating to a relatively safe level of 1.5C, experts say. Although th...

Environmental activists target M25 for fourth time in a week

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Twenty-nine environmental protesters have been arrested for stopping traffic on London’s M25 motorway for a fourth time, as Grant Shapps, die vervoersekretaris, called on police to move more quickly to clear blockad...

So the blame game begins, but are India really the right target for your anger?

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There’s been a lot to be angry about these last few months. Back in February, six months, two weeks, and nine lifetimes ago, the American Medical Association ran an article on the idea of “panger”, pandemic-anger, and...

Zero extinction target for NSW national parks welcomed by environment groups

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The NSW government has set a target of zero extinctions of native wildlife in the state’s national parks estate, the first time an Australian government has set the goal. The environment minister, Matt Kean, said the...

Extinction Rebellion protesters target Science Museum over Shell sponsorship

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Dozens of climate crisis protesters have occupied the Science Museum in London and have refused to leave, in a protest against the oil firm Shell’s sponsorship of its exhibition about greenhouse gases. Vroeër, Extinc...

Crystal Palace target Arsenal’s Eddie Nketiah or Odsonne Édouard of Celtic

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Crystal Palace are considering making formal approaches for Arsenal’s Eddie Nketiah and Odsonne Édouard of Celtic as they step up their attempts to reinforce Patrick Vieira’s squad before Tuesday’s transfer deadline. ...

Moeen Ali hopes for Test victory target of less than 220 for England

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England will aim to restrict India to a lead of less than 220 on the pivotal fifth day of the second Test, according to the all-rounder Moeen Ali. An enthralling Sunday at Lord’s ended with India on 181 for six, a lea...

UK security chiefs issue guidance after hackers target ministers on WhatsApp

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Ministers and civil servants conducting “government by WhatsApp” have been at risk of being targeted by hackers, leading to new advice from security chiefs about how to improve their privacy. The cabinet secretary, Si...

The Guardian view on anti-Chinese suspicion: target espionage, not ethnicities

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Politicians and academics in the US have begun to talk of Researching While Chinese American, in a deliberate echo of the phrase Driving While Black. There is a long, ignoble history of failed espionage cases against ...

Taylor Wimpey lifts profit target after building record number of homes

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Taylor Wimpey, one of the UK’s biggest housebuilders, has returned to profit and upgraded its earnings targets after building a record number of homes in the first six months of the year. The High Wycombe-based firm b...

Head of Australia’s Covid vaccine strategy not ruling out cash incentives to achieve 80% teiken

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The head of the country’s Covid vaccination program, Luitenant-generaal John Frewen, says the government may yet use cash incentives to encourage take-up, as he says it is “mathematically” possible for 80% of eligible Australians...

‘I shot someone else’s target’: Ukraine’s Serhiy Kulish suffers Olympic blunder

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The Ukrainian shooter Serhiy Kulish missed out on a medal after committing one of the most extraordinary howlers at the Tokyo Olympics by hitting an opponent’s target. Kulish, who won silver in the 10m air rifle event...

Perfect fit: the summer signing each Premier League club should target

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Signing another midfielder should be at the top of Arsenal’s list of priorities. With Granit Xhaka expected to leave, Dani Ceballos and Martin Ødegaard both back at Real Madrid, and Matteo Guendouzi out on loan, Arsen...

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