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Muslim foreign ministers to make women’s rights plea to Taliban

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Foreign ministers from several Muslim-majority countries are planning to go to Kabul in part to urge the Taliban to recognise that the exclusion of women and girls from education is a distortion of the Islamic faith. ...

US to give humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, Taliban say

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The United States has agreed to provide humanitarian aid to a desperately poor Afghanistan on the brink of an economic disaster, but refused to give political recognition to the country’s new rulers, the Taliban said ...

Taliban threatening Chevening scholars’ families, says MP

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Chevening scholars from Afghanistan are receiving threatening messages from the Taliban about what they intend to do to harm their relatives back in their place of birth, according to their local MP, Caroline Lucas. N ...

My pa is wreed vermoor deur die Taliban. Die VSA het sy pleidooie om hulp geïgnoreer

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Die nag van 27 September 1996 sou altyd 'n lang een wees. Ek was wakker toe ek studeer vir middeltermyn -eksamens toe my ma, kalm maar ongemaklik, het die nuus gehoor dat my pa uit die Verenigde Nasies se samestelling gehaal is..

Taliban publicly display bodies of alleged kidnappers in Herat

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Taliban authorities in the western Afghan city of Herat killed four alleged kidnappers and hung their bodies up in public to deter others, a local government official has said. Sher Ahmad Ammar, the deputy governor of...

Mismatch of mindsets: why the Taliban won in Afghanistan

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Some years ago, in Afghanistan, the anthropologist Scott Atran asked a Taliban fighter what it would take to stop the fighting, because families on both sides were crying. The fighter replied: “Leave our country and t...

‘Necessary for security’: veteran Taliban enforcer says amputations will resume

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One of the founders of the Taliban and the chief enforcer of its harsh interpretation of Islamic law when they last ruled Afghanistan has said the hardline movement will once again carry out executions and amputations...

Taliban vra om die algemene vergadering van die VN toe te spreek ná die oorname van Afghanistan

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Die Taliban het die geloofsbriewe van Afghanistan se voormalige ambassadeur van die Verenigde Nasies uitgedaag en vra om op die Algemene Vergadering van die VN te praat, het 'n VN -woordvoerder gesê. VN -amptenare moet nou besluit watter verteenwoordigers ...

One month in Kabul under Taliban rule– a photo essay

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Above its tightly clustered houses and peaks of the Hindu Kush mountains, Kabul’s blue skies were once dotted with countless colourful kites, flown by children from the hilltops or their rooftops. Since the Taliban to...

Afgaanse vroue hou protes in Kaboel nadat Taliban die regte van vroue in die wiele gery het - videoverslag

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Meer as 'n dosyn vroue het Sondag in Kabul betoog, hou bordjies op wat roep om die deelname van vroue aan die openbare lewe. Die protesoptog kom toe vroulike staatsamptenare in Kaboel aangesê is om tuis te bly, wit ...

Kabul government’s female workers told to stay at home by Taliban

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Female employees in the Kabul city government have been told to stay home, with work only allowed for those who cannot be replaced by men, the interim mayor of Afghanistan’s capital said on Sunday, detailing the lates...

Grief runs deep in Musa Qala as Taliban victory brings weary relief

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A parade of white Taliban flags lines Musa Qala bazaar right up to the central monument where two kidnappers were hanged in a public execution earlier this year. The flags flutter from almost every shop in celebration...

#DoNotTouchMyClothes: Afghan women’s social media protest against Taliban

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After street demonstrations across major cities in Afghanistan, women have now taken to social media to protest against the Taliban’s hardline policies towards them. An online campaign has seen Afghan women around the...

Taliban governor of Helmand’s message to west: ‘Come back with money, not guns’

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Helmand’s new Taliban governor, who spent years as a commander fighting the British in Sangin, welcomes visitors with an assault rifle lying on his desk. Yet he insists the time for fighting is over. He has a message ...

Taliban accused of killing 20 civilians in Panjshir valley

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The Taliban have been accused of killing 20 civilians in Afghanistan’s Panjshir valley, with the apparent killing of a man in uniform being caught on video. The Panjshir valley was the last area to hold out against th...

Taliban takeover of Afghanistan will reshape Middle East, official warns

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The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan is a shattering earthquake that will shape the Middle East for many years, a senior Gulf official has said, warning that – despite the group’s promises of moderation – the militan...

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