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que ayudé al padre de un amigo a hacer unas “antigüedades” nuevas que vendía en su tienda

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que ayudé al padre de un amigo a hacer unas “antigüedades” nuevas que vendía en su tienda, que ayudé al padre de un amigo a hacer unas “antigüedades” nuevas que vendía en su tienda. que ayudé al padre de un amigo a hacer unas “antigüedades” nuevas que vendía en su tienda, que ayudé al padre de un amigo a hacer unas “antigüedades” nuevas que vendía en su tienda.

Cris Tales review – a magical realist tribute to Japanese role-playing games

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This week marked both Colombian Independence Day and the release of Cris Tales, an enchanting homage to classic Japanese RPGs and Colombia itself from a homegrown development team. It’s a whimsical fantasy journey wit...

Revisión de Lancaster: cuentos de guerra de los hombres que volaron los bombarderos

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Después de su largometraje documental Spitfire, David Fairhead y Ant Palmer regresan con una historia de guerra del bombardero Lancaster. Con su detalle enciclopédico y narración imponente de Charles Dance, esto se siente ...

patricio kielty: Revisión límite: cuentos de advertencia de Irlanda del Norte

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“Un comediante no debería subir al escenario a menos que tenga algo que decir,” según Patrick Kielty, y su nuevo set Borderline es, en consecuencia, sustancial. La presentadora de televisión y cómica se emocionó al hacer este fi...

Still Life review – nothing ordinary about these everyday Nottingham tales

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As theatres reopen, it is becoming apparent how online drama has developed over the past year. Remember the Pillow Period? When it seemed that all scenes were shot in front of a bedstead? Gone. Remember the Monologue ...

Tales from the crypto: lira crisis fuels Bitcoin boom in Turkey

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In the offices of AltCoin, a cryptocurrency hub tucked away in a sidestreet in Istanbul’s bustling Kadıköy neighbourhood, two wall-mounted TV sets showed the live value of currencies bitcoin and Ethereum, both graphs ...

Tales of the unexpected: the surprise boom in UK short stories

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Antes de la pandemia, Deborah Yewande Bankole was on what she describes as a “steady diet of short stories”. She loved seeking out emerging writers and admired the work of Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, Julia Armfield and D...

Tearful Andrew Neil’s tales of woe about GB News leave his critics unmoved

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Andrew Neil’s tearful revelations this weekend about amateurism at GB News showed a lack of understanding of broadcasting, according to LBC radio presenter James O’Brien. “Neil believes that whatever success he enjoye...

Teller de lo inesperado por Matthew Dennison Review - The Tall Tales of a Big Kid

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"Me temo que me gustan los fuertes contrastes,Roald Dahl dijo, No mucho antes de su muerte en 1990. "Me gusta que los villanos sean terribles y buenas personas para que sean muy buenos". Dahl mismo dio una mentira a esa formulación. El es muy fácil ...

The Dangers of Smoking in Bed by Mariana Enríquez review – unsettling tales

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En 1927 MR James, author of some of the most indelible ghost stories ever written, gave a lesson in how to do it: “Let us, luego, be introduced to the players in a placid way; let us see them going about their ordinary...

There Is No Evil review – devastating everyday tales of life under Iran’s brutal regime

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Four stories from contemporary Iran, all linked by the theme of capital punishment and suppression of freedoms, make up this Berlin Golden Bear-winning drama from Mohammad Rasoulof. It’s a typically forthright and pow...

Trust by Hernan Diaz review – unreliable tales of a Manhattan mogul

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Hernan Diaz’s second novel, Trust, is a collection of four manuscripts at different stages of completion, and they tell different versions of the story of a Wall Street businessman and his wife in the years leading up...