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‘Hoopla and yellow journalism’: Taiwanese Americans bemoan media fearmongering over Pelosi visit

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Nancy Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan has inflamed US-China relations anew, with China’s military announcing it will conduct live-fire exercises around the island and state media condemning the visit as “stupid, reckless a...

California Taiwanese church shooting suspect charged with hate crime for May attack

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Authorities in California have added hate crime allegations to attempted murder charges filed against a 68-year-old who opened fire at a Taiwanese American church luncheon last month, killing one person and wounding f...

Taiwanese people stuck with the name ‘Salmon’ after sushi promotion

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Taiwanese parliamentarians have debated changing legal limits on name changes, after some of the hundreds of people who legally altered their name to “Salmon” in return for free sushi reportedly became stuck with it. ...

‘Attack on our identity’: Taiwanese Americans come together after tragic California shooting

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When Ho Chie Tsai learned that a gunman had targeted the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian church in southern California, he knew it was only a matter of time before the effects of the tragedy reached him. The Taiwanese ...

Girls’ School: Taiwanese queer gem is hopelessly devoted to teenage passions

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Love is a many-splendoured thing in Lee Mi-Mi’s Girls’ School, a Taiwanese gem from 1982 beautifully restored just in time for its 40th anniversary. Screened in the UK at BFI Southbank as part of Queer East, an LGBTQ+...

Taiwanese activist Lee Ming-che: ‘I can breathe in the fresh air of freedom’

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Lee Ming-che and his wife, Ching-yu, sit side by side at an ornate round table, wearing matching crisp white shirts with pages of notes in front of them. The couple have plenty to say after a five-year campaign to fre...

US appears to cut video feed of Taiwanese minister at summit

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The White House has been accused of cutting the video feed of a Taiwanese minister after a map in the official’s slide presentation showed the island in a different colour to China’s during last week’s Summit for Demo...

Chips with everything: how one Taiwanese company drives the world economy

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Living on an island long coveted by a large and increasingly powerful neighbour, the residents of Taiwan have given some thought to where might be the best place to go should the worst happen. Some think it might be t...

Taiwanese urged to eat ‘freedom pineapples’ after China import ban

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Taiwanese pineapples have become the latest victim of deteriorating cross-strait relations, after Chinese authorities suddenly banned imports of the fruit. Die verbod, which begn on Monday and is indefinite, was announce...