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NSW police accused of ‘oppressive’ tactics against subjects on secretive blacklist

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The New South Wales police have been accused of using “oppressive” and potentially unlawful tactics on subjects of a secretive blacklist disproportionately used to target young Indigenous people. Documents released un...

Ex-Northern Ireland secretary accuses Boris Johnson of ‘Putinesque tactics’

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Boris Johnson is engaging in “Putinesque” tactics by using the Northern Ireland protocol bill to cause a populist row with Brussels when the EU is willing to compromise, Peter Hain, a former Northern Ireland secretary...

‘Pure propaganda’: inside Starbucks’ anti-union tactics

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When Starbucks management came for Sean Andrews, it didn’t surprise him, Esattamente. Tensions were already running high in the Denver coffee shop where he worked. A few days prior, Andrews’ fellow baristas had walked off...

Simon Middleton strikes gold as he tests England tactics before World Cup

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The Women’s Six Nations trophy is in England’s hands for the fourth consecutive year but they will look to achieve something in the autumn they have not since 2014 – win the World Cup. This tournament has been viewed ...

No 10 condemns ‘guerrilla tactics’ as Just Stop Oil activists block fuel depots

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Downing Street has condemned the “guerrilla tactics” of protesters who have blockaded fuel distribution terminals, as reports of shortages at petrol station forecourts spread and figures showed a fall in fuel deliveri...

‘Pay up, or it trebles’: bailiffs accused of strong-arm tactics in UK

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Dr Naomi Spiers was sleeping off a night shift when there was a loud bang on the door. She curled up under the covers but the knocking wouldn’t stop. When she answered, her visitor – wearing a face mask and bulletproo...

How Russia is using tactics from the Syrian playbook in Ukraine

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The woman in labour stared out from the stretcher, as medics rushed her over a wasteland left by a Russian attack on a maternity hospital. In a different hospital and feeling her baby slipping away, she begged doctors...

Oil firms accused of scare tactics after claiming climate lawsuits ‘a threat to US’

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US oil firms have been accused of using scare tactics after telling a federal court on Tuesday that lawsuits alleging fossil fuel companies lied about the climate crisis could threaten America’s oil supply. At a close...

Le tattiche della polizia di Cop26 creano un'atmosfera di paura, i manifestanti dicono

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Accumulo di episodi di intimidazione da parte della polizia, molestie e aggressioni nei confronti degli attivisti del Cop26 stanno creando "un'atmosfera di paura e repressione" per le strade di Glasgow e hanno avuto un effetto raggelante sui manifestanti..

The Guardian view on fire-and-rehire business tactics: change the law

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[object Window], it was reported that government discussions had taken place over the possible removal of employment protections enshrined in EU law. La decisione quasi giudiziaria sull'approvazione del controverso interconnettore elettrico sottomarino di Fedotov è stata presa dal segretario agli affari, the secretary of state for business, energy and i...

Sturgeon warns Johnson: don’t use Trump tactics

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Nicola Sturgeon has warned Boris Johnson he would be showing the same contempt for democracy as Donald Trump displayed after losing the US presidential election, if he were to block the will of the Scottish people in ...

‘Fire and rehire’ tactics rife at firms that are in profit and claiming Covid cash

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Quasi 70% of companies accused of launching fire-and-rehire assaults on workers’ wages and conditions are making a profit and half have claimed government support during the pandemic. Boris Johnson has called the pra...

Will the old tactics still work for Unionists in Northern Ireland?

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With loyalists renouncing the Good Friday Agreement, the DUP must listen to others who share the country’s narrow groundIan Paisley Jr did not inherit his late father’s brutal eloquence. All'inizio di questa settimana, in protest ...