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Cop26 police tactics creating atmosphere of fear, protesters say

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Accumulated incidents of police intimidation, harassment and aggression towards activists at Cop26 are creating “an atmosphere of fear and repression” on the streets of Glasgow and have had a chilling effect on protes...

Gareth Southgate cites ‘total control’ of Poland for stubborn England tactics

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Gareth Southgate defended his decision not to make any substitutions after England conceded a last-minute equaliser in their World Cup qualifier against Poland on Wednesday night. England looked poised to take another...

Champions League final: teetotalism, tactics dinners and other fun facts

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Much has been written about Pep Guardiola’s Premier League title winners and Thomas Tuchel’s fast-improving Chelsea in the buildup to Saturday’s Champions League final in Porto. But here are a few fun facts and potent...

The Guardian view on fire-and-rehire business tactics: change the law

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A principios de este año, it was reported that government discussions had taken place over the possible removal of employment protections enshrined in EU law. Kwasi Kwarteng, the secretary of state for business, energy and i...

Sturgeon warns Johnson: don’t use Trump tactics

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Nicola Sturgeon has warned Boris Johnson he would be showing the same contempt for democracy as Donald Trump displayed after losing the US presidential election, if he were to block the will of the Scottish people in ...

‘Fire and rehire’ tactics rife at firms that are in profit and claiming Covid cash

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Por poco 70% of companies accused of launching fire-and-rehire assaults on workers’ wages and conditions are making a profit and half have claimed government support during the pandemic. Boris Johnson has called the pra...

Cash ‘gifts’ and strong-arm tactics: music’s problem with NFTs

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Just as livestreamed concerts moved from esoteric to ubiquitous at light speed this time last year, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are suddenly everywhere in music. Artists including Gorillaz, Calvin Harris and Kings of L...

Will the old tactics still work for Unionists in Northern Ireland?

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With loyalists renouncing the Good Friday Agreement, the DUP must listen to others who share the country’s narrow groundIan Paisley Jr did not inherit his late father’s brutal eloquence. A principios de esta semana, in protest ...