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The UN summit on food systems took two years to plan. It’s offered nothing to help feed families

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The role of the UN’s dozens of independent experts, or special rapporteurs, is to report and advise on various human rights. My role revolves around the right to food – which is under enormous threat. The world’s foo...

Más que 2,000 trabajadores de la salud en aislamiento poniendo bajo presión los sistemas hospitalarios

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Más que 2,000 trabajadores de la salud en Nueva Gales del Sur, Victoria y ACT están actualmente aislados, ejerciendo más presión sobre la fuerza laboral restante a medida que los casos de Covid continúan aumentando. Asociación de Enfermeras y Matronas de Nueva Gales del Sur..

Britons with severely weak immune systems to be offered third Covid jab

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Half a million people with severely weakened immune systems are to be offered third Covid vaccine shots in a move that will increase debate over the rollout of booster jabs for the wider population. The NHS will provi...

NHS drops from first to fourth among rich countries’ healthcare systems

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The NHS has lost its prestigious ranking as the best health system in a study of 11 rich countries by an influential US thinktank. The UK has fallen from first to fourth in the Commonwealth Fund’s latest analysis of t...

Births, marriages and deaths left unregistered after systems failure

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The Home Office was accused last night of causing “turmoil for families” after a failure in its online system for registering births, deaths and marriages created frustration and anger across England and Wales. As peo...

Fire tornadoes, haze, clouds: US blazes create their own weather systems

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In southern Oregon, the Bootleg fire has now burned a swath of land larger than the city of Los Angeles. It has forced at least 2,000 residents from their homes and burned 160 houses and buildings. And it’s not alone ...

‘Health systems should be prepared’: doctors brace for tsunami of long Covid

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When his throat first started hurting, John Brown didn’t think much of it. It was March 2020 and the 48-year-old was onboard the Voyager of the Seas, a cruise travelling through the Pacific Islands. “There were peopl...

Oxygen shortages threaten ‘total collapse’ of dozens of health systems

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Dozens of countries are facing severe oxygen shortages because of surging Covid-19 cases, threatening the “total collapse” of health systems. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism analysed data provided by the Every...

Fear in Africa that new Covid wave could overwhelm fragile health systems

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Health officials fighting the pandemic in Africa say they are watching the crisis in India “with total disbelief” and have warned that their continent may face a similar ordeal soon. “What is happening in India cannot...

Dominion Voting Systems sues Fox News for $1.6bn over election fraud lies

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The North American voting machine company Dominion has hit Fox News with a $1.6bn defamation lawsuit, accusing the network of spreading election fraud lies in a misguided effort to stop an exodus of enraged viewers af...

The UN food systems summit will consider all stakeholders’ interests

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As you note in your article (Farmers and rights groups boycott food summit over big business links, 4 marzo), farmers have for too long been on the fringes of global discussions about hunger, poverty and climate chang...