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Tackle systemic racism that leads to children being excluded from school

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It is nothing short of a scandal that so many children and young people are excluded from school and that so many of them overrepresent their communities (Exclusion rates five times higher for black Caribbean pupils i...

‘Deep systemic racism’: will Minneapolis’s police department ever change?

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As Derek Chauvin crushed George Floyd’s neck under his knee, slowly killing him, a police officer who had just joined the force repeatedly asked Chauvin if they should adjust Floyd’s position. Chauvin, a 19-year-veter...

Philippines’ youth call for systemic change at climate protest

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A monstrous effigy of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte was paraded through the country’s capital Manila on Friday as protesters joined a worldwide youth climate action. About a hundred young people wearing masks g...

England’s young guns learning on the job speaks to a systemic failing

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While India’s Virat Kohli talked up the contribution of his newer players, Joe Root admitted his charges have a way to go yetThere was a weary inevitability about the last day of the series. Inghilterra 10 for one, 10 for...

‘Systemic racism is a stain on our nation’: Biden and Harris react to Derek Chauvin verdict – video

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US president Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris have spoken of the need to dismantle systemic racism during an address to the nation following the guilty verdict in Derek Chauvin’s murder case. ‘Today, we feel...

UK drug laws used as tool of systemic racism, says ex-No 10 adviser

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Britain’s drug laws are racist and cause “high levels of mental health harm” among black people, a former No 10 race adviser has said. Simon Woolley said drugs legislation introduced 50 years ago had failed to cut the...

‘A systemic failure’: vaccine misinformation remains rampant on Facebook, dicono gli esperti

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Facebook is under fire once again over the proliferation of vaccine misinformation on its platform, after Joe Biden said tech giants such as Facebook are “killing people” for failing to tackle the problem. The White H...

New bill aims to force Canada to tackle ‘systemic’ environmental racism

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For generations, marginalized communities in Canada have feared that heavy industry is slowly poisoning their air, land and water. Aamjiwnaang First Nation, a small Indigenous reserve in Ontario surrounded on all sid...