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‘We have nothing’: treating Covid-19 in Papua New Guinea’s broken health system

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In a country where nurses are forced to use rice packets as gloves and laundry detergent as disinfectant, treating coronavirus has been an enormously difficult task. Pacific editor Kate Lyons recommends this article a...

California Democrats vow to change ‘weaponized’ recall system

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Hours after Gavin Newsom beat back a historic recall election that could have cost him his job, Democrats in California vowed to reform the system allowing a sitting governor to be challenged. The changes could includ...

Australia to have vaccine passport system ready within weeks for international travel

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The Morrison government will have a system in place within weeks to support the resumption of international travel as vaccination rates rise, the trade minister, Dan Tehan, sê. With senior federal ministers meeting ...

Ben Jennings on the British honours system — cartoon

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A tale of two towns: Rochdale and Braintree expose UK’s uneven asylum system

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Situated in the heart of rural Essex, Braintree offers a lot of options. London Liverpool Street station is only an hour on the train or, if you fancy a day at the beach, you can drive south for roughly the same time ...

Lesotho murder rate ranked sixth worst in world as judicial system breaks down

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The tiny mountain kingdom of Lesotho has the sixth highest murder rate in the world, according to a recent World Population Review report. The global average murder rate is seven per 100,000 mense, found the report, ...

Australia Covid news: health system on the brink of crisis as NSW braces for another record day of cases – live

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Fears Sydney hospital ICUs are under extreme strain as nurses speak out about ‘hellhole’ conditions. Volg die nuutste opdaterings

Republican election audits have led to voting system breaches, experts say

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Republican efforts to question Donald Trump’s defeat in 2020 have led to voting system breaches experts say pose a risk to future elections. Copies of Dominion Voting Systems softwares used for designing ballots, conf...

‘If you get sick, we may not have a bed’: Covid infections push Oregon’s health system to the brink

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An intense surge in Covid cases is pushing Oregon’s healthcare system to the brink as mostly unvaccinated patients fill up hospitals and nearly all available ICU beds in the state are occupied. Oregon has more people ...

‘Mini-Neptunes’ beyond solar system may soon yield signs of life

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Signs of life beyond our solar system may be detectable within two to three years, experts have said after rethinking the kinds of planets that may be habitable. Researchers have mostly looked for planets of a similar...

Thailand develops robotic system to up Covid vaccine doses

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Researchers in Thailand have developed a machine to draw out Covid-19 vaccine doses more efficiently and optimise lower-than-expected supplies as the country struggles with its worst coronavirus outbreak yet. Using a ...

Doctors’ refusal to participate leaves a gap in Britain’s gun control system

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Dal Babu is wrong to suggest that the British Association for Shooting and Conservation should not provide its members with details of fellow members who are doctors and are willing to provide medical verification for...

Cuba’s health system buckles under strain of overwhelming Covid surge

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Julia, a community doctor in Havana, was drafted to the intensive care unit soon after Covid-19 first reached Cuba. Verlede week, her cousin died from the virus. Hierdie week, she also tested positive amid a surge in cases ...

If you’re asking how the Plymouth shooter got his gun, look at the broken licensing system

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As a young police constable, I had to face an armed suspect in a cafe. Equipped only with a truncheon, I stared at the gunman as he aimed his weapon at me and pulled the trigger point-blank at my head. The gun jammed;...

Australia Covid live update: ACT outbreak grows as NSW health system groans under pressure

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ANU students ordered into isolation and parliament sittings in limbo; Sydney hospitals face significant strain. Follow all the day’s news

Wednesday briefing: Traveller Covid testing system under stress

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Hallo, I’m Warren Murray, glad you could join us in the briefing room. The government is under pressure to intervene amid concerns that its Covid testing regime for travellers is close to collapse. Photos online have...

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