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Diario di campagna 1922: sympathy for the hunted fox

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Perhaps a country diarist may be allowed to comment on the correspondence about foxhunting, especially as one advocate of thesport signs himself “Nature Lover.” He affirms that the fox “expects to be hunted,” but do w...

Legal and General’s ‘sensitive claims’ unit showed little sympathy

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After my sister died in February, Legal & General wrote to me, stating I was entitled to £14,000 from her pension plan. This was followed by documents I was required to submit, all of which were clearly intended f...

‘Poor man’: Queen expresses sympathy for Matt Hancock – video

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The Queen has held her first in-person weekly audience with the prime minister in 15 mesi, and informed him she had been speaking to 'your secretary of state for health, poor man'. Her sympathetic comment could be a...