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Independent who beat Kristina Keneally in western Sydney seat says Labor was ‘arrogant’

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The independent candidate who defied a national swing towards Labor by defeating Kristina Keneally in the formerly safe seat of Fowler in Sydney’s south-west says the party was punished for its “arrogance” in parachut...

Sydney mayor stabbed during home invasion was a victim of mistaken identity, la polizia dice

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The Liberal mayor of Hawkesbury council has been stabbed during a home invasion in north-west Sydney, with police saying it was likely a case of mistaken identity. Patrick Conolly, 32, was stabbed in the arm after bei...

Sydney Olympics were bought ‘to a large extent’, said Australian official John Coates

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Giovanni Coates, the vice-president of the International Olympic Committee and outgoing president of the Australian National Olympic Committee, said “to a large extent” that Sydney was awarded the summer Olympic Games in ...

Sydney underworld figure Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad shot dead

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A notorious gangland figure has been gunned down in a hail of bullets on suburban Sydney street in an “incredibly brazen and callous murder”. Police were on Thursday investigating whether the killing is another chapte...

Più di 100 Sydney patients left waiting for four available ambulances this week, union says

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Più di 100 Sydney patients were left waiting this week for just four available ambulances, the New South Wales paramedic union has said as it announced month-long industrial action in protest at widespread staff sh...

Sydney Roosters defeat St George-Illawarra to win maiden premiership

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Sydney Roosters have won the 2022 NRLW premiership, vanquishing the demons of NRLW grand final losses in 2018 e 2020, to come from behind and defeat St George Illawarra 16-4 at Moreton Daily Stadium in Redcliffe. L...

Sydney airport warns delays could last weeks on third day of travel chaos

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Long queues at Sydney airport’s domestic terminals have continued for a third day, with some passengers missing international connections, as the airport warns delays resulting from a surge in travellers and a shortfa...

Clementine Ford wins defamation suit against Sydney Morning Herald and Age

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The Sydney Morning Herald and the Age newspapers will pay former columnist Clementine Ford roughly $60,000, after defamation proceedings over comments from the mastheads’ executive editor. Martedì, the federal cour...

Bondi beach swallowed by tide waters and other Sydney beaches flooded over

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Huge swells have lashed Sydney, swallowing beaches under tide waters and ripping boats from their moorings inside the harbour. Bondi and Clovelly beaches were flooded over and waves battered the walls of the beachside...

Sydney commuters to get free public transport for 12 days in April

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Sydney commuters will get free public transport for 12 days in April, including over the Easter holidays, as the state government attempts to revitalise the CBD and make amends for last month’s 24-hour train shutdown....

Former resident charged with murder after three die in Sydney boarding house fire

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The 45-year-old man charged with the murder of three people following a fire at a boarding house in Sydney in the early hours of Tuesday morning had until recently been a resident, la polizia dice. On Wednesday police char...

Aggiornamenti in tempo reale di notizie dall'Australia: Scott Morrison faces fuel price pressure, Sydney commuters brace for more chaos

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Cruise ship ban could lift soon; PM has not ruled out cutting the government’s petrol and diesel excise, as fuel prices skyrocket. Segui tutte le news del giorno

Sydney Harbour turns brown as authorities warn against swimming after floods

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Pollution washed into Sydney’s beaches and waterways could linger for days, with state authorities urging swimmers to exercise caution after the flood disaster. Sydney Harbour turned brown as a result of storm water c...

Sydney records wettest start to a year ever as BoM warns of more flooding to come

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A trickle in Sydney’s rain gauge on Wednesday meant the city is yet to get a dry day in the past 16, extending the record wet start to any year for the Harbour City. The 0.2mm reading so far on Wednesday – the smalles...

Sydney floods: before and after photos show how city roads and parks became rivers and lakes

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There were extraordinary scenes across Sydney on Tuesday after hours of torrential rain soaked an already saturated city. Roads turned to rivers and a bridge was inundated, with some suburbs almost entirely cut off on...

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