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Sydney storm: BoM warns of potential ‘tornado activity’ before thunderstorms and giant hail hit

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Residents in greater Sydney bunkered down after being warned of potential “tornado activity” on Thursday afternoon and while the worst fears didn’t eventuate the city was hit by a series of thunderstorms that caused f...

Met toue by die kroeë en skoonheidsalonne, Sydney heropen ná meer as 100 dae in lockdown

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Daar was lang toue buite kroeë, haarkappers en skoonheidsalonne as die grootste stad in Australië, het Maandag weer oopgemaak, as deel van Sydney se eerste stappe in die rigting van die lewe met Covid-19 na meer as 100 dae van lockdo ...

Australiese Covid -nuus: Dan Andrews om Victoria -padkaartopdatering te gee; NSW berig 1,083 gevalle, 13 sterftes; beperkings om te verlig in die weste van Sydney

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NSW rekords 1,083 gevalle en 13 sterftes; ACT rekords 17 nuwe sake; Victoria rekords 507 nuwe gevalle en een dood; Gladys Berejiklian kondig beperkings aan om te verlig in LGA's in Wes -Sydney, 'kommerwekkend' en NSW -poele om weer te begin..

‘Despicable’: Sydney police stop Muslim mourners from watching funerals from cars

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In Islam, it is essential that the dead are buried as soon as possible. The body is washed, prayed over, taken to the cemetery and buried, with some small prayer or invocation said by the grave. It is usually a quick ...

Australiese Covid -opdatering regstreeks: NSW bereik mylpaal vir inenting, lig die aandklokreël in die westelike deel van Sydney op; Victoria rekords 423 gevalle, twee sterftes; 13 gevalle in ACT

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Die dodelikste dag vir NSW as staat teken twaalf sterftes aan en 1,259 gevalle; Die Berejikliaanse regering sal 'regsadvies' inwin oor plekke wat toegang tot ongeëntes weier; 149 van Victoria se nuwe sake wat tans verband hou met ...

‘I was absolutely terrified of Olivia’: Sydney Sweeney on her White Lotus character

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I typically heard two reactions from people who watched The White Lotus this summer: een, that they were obsessed with the HBO show, a breakout hit about a cursed week at a Hawaiian resort. Two, that they were terrifi...

Pregnant Sydney woman with Covid gives birth by caesarean section so she could be ventilated

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A pregnant woman with Covid gave birth by emergency caesarean section at 28 weeks so she could be placed on ventilation at a Sydney hospital. Guardian Australia understands that the woman’s newborn child was taken to ...

Australiese Covid nuus lewendige opdatering: NSW staar honderde sterftes in die weste van Sydney in die gesig, die plaaslike Victoria wag op 'n beslissing oor die inperking

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Aanbidders ignoreer koronavirusbeperkings in die sinagoge van Melbourne, terwyl Daniel Andrews meer entstofdosisse eis om die 'geheime' Sydney -ooreenkoms op te maak

Sydney Covid patient in Westmead hospital after overdosing on ivermectin and other online ‘cures’

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A Covid-positive person in Sydney was admitted to Westmead hospital suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea after overdosing on ivermectin and other drugs ordered online. Westmead hospital’s toxicologist, Naren Gunja, s ...

NSW and ACT Covid hotspots: list and map of Sydney, regional NSW and Canberra coronavirus exposure sites

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Health authorities have released a list of public exposure sites visited by a confirmed case of Covid-19 in Sydney, plaaslike NSW en Canberra, ACT. Here are the current coronavirus hotspots, Covid exposure sites, venu...

Coronavirus live nuus: Moderna withholds 1.6m vaccines in Japan over contamination concerns, Sydney hospitals struggle to cope

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Pharamaceutical giant Moderna says it’s withholding 1.63m vaccine doses over fears of contamination with particulate matter while Sydney’s health system struggles as the city reports record case numbers

Sydney hospitals struggle with escalating Covid outbreak as Coalition says targeted lockdowns may continue – live

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Simon Birmingham acknowledges targeted lockdowns could still happen once 70% aan 80% of adults are vaccinated and hardship assistance will be provided. Follow latest updates live

‘Extraordinary’: Police fine dozens after church service in western Sydney Covid hotspot

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NSW police have issued 31 fines to people who attended an illegal Sunday night church service in Blacktown in the heart of Sydney’s Covid-19 outbreak hotspots. Police went to Christ Embassy Sydney church around 7.30pm...

Sydney faces curfew and longer lockdown as Australia’s Delta outbreak grows

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Sydney’s coronavirus lockdown is being extended for another month, with large swathes of the city facing curfew from Monday, as authorities battle a Delta outbreak that has seen record case numbers this week. New Sout...

Snake shocks Sydney shoppers by slithering along supermarket spice shelf

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A three-metre-long python has surprised shoppers in a Sydney supermarket by slithering along a shelf in the spice section with a Woolworths spokesperson saying it was a “slippery and rare customer”. “Only in Australia...

‘We feel intimidated’: residents in south-west Sydney Covid hotspots say police are making things worse

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Rabieh Dib says his mother is afraid to sit in her front yard since police knocked on the door of their house after 10pm one night to check who was inside. “We’re not criminals or troublemakers, but we feel intimidate...

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