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‘We can’t switch off’: MP’s staff member reveals mental health pressure

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A survey of nearly 200 staff working for various MPs, the first of its kind in the UK, has found that almost half met the medical threshold for psychological distress – more than twice the level in the general populat...

Big carmakers stuck in slow lane over switch to zero emissions, spettacoli di studio

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The world’s largest carmakers are lagging behind on the switch to electric vehicles with only two on the trajectory required to hit the international target of limiting global heating to 1.5C, according to an analysis...

Nintendo Switch Sports review – the return of slapstick fun

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For all their polymath complexity, all their melding of artistic and cinematic and technical achievements, timeless video games sometimes boil down to one very good idea. Nel 2006 Wii Sports’ idea was this: wouldn’t it...

Brown bears ‘switch habitats’ to hunt vulnerable prey

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Brown bears switch habitats in the spring so they can hunt reindeer and moose calves, research suggests. After emerging from hibernation, the animals embark on an active hunting strategy to take full advantage of the ...

In mezzo alla crisi del petrolio, è ora di passare a un'auto elettrica??

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As some petrol stations ran out of fuel and queues of cars lined up outside those that did have stocks, causando lunghe attese per gli automobilisti in attesa di fare il pieno, many drivers’ thoughts turned to the option of buying an ...

Antigone review – gender switch sparks striking take on Sophocles

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The chorus has been banished, the cast of five has no room for Eurydice and, most strikingly, Creon is a queen in Merlynn Tong’s streamlined take on Sophocles. This British premiere, directed by Dawn Walton at the sma...

New Nintendo Switch model announced for October

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Nintendo has announced a new version of the Nintendo Switch, due out on 8 October this year. The Nintendo Switch OLED model will have a larger and brighter 7in screen, a wide kickstand for tabletop play, enhanced audi...

Cavalli parlanti: prize money switch under fire after Cheltenham drubbing

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Punters will not notice quite a significant change to the way British racing operates from Saturday afternoon, but owners certainly will and not all of them will be entirely happy with the results. From the first race...