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Madagascar: minister swims 12 hours to safety after helicopter crash

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A Madagascan minister was one of two survivors to have swum about 12 hours to shore after their helicopter crashed off the island’s north-east coast, le autorità hanno detto. A search was continuing for two other passengers ...

The best Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year swims around the UK

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As many of us will be snuggling up in front of the fire with yet another mince pie, some hardy souls will be joining in an increasingly popular seasonal tradition: the festive swim. Bathers will brave chilly temperatu...

Australian Chloë McCardel sets world record for most swims across the Channel – video

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Chloë McCardel finally achieved her dream of crossing the Channel more times than anyone else. La 36enne australiana ha completato la sua 44a traversata poco dopo le 14:00 BST, eclipsing the previous record held by Briti...

L'australiana Chloë McCardel stabilisce il record mondiale per il maggior numero di nuotate attraverso la Manica – video

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Chloë McCardel ha finalmente realizzato il suo sogno di attraversare la Manica più volte di chiunque altro. La 36enne australiana ha completato la sua 44a traversata poco dopo le 14:00 BST, eclissando il precedente record detenuto ...

Chloë McCardel swims Channel for record-breaking 44th time

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It has taken her 12 anni, più di 450 hours in bitingly cold water and at least 1.5m strokes – but finally the Australian marathon swimmer Chloë McCardel has become the queen of the Channel by swimming the stretch ...

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish review – lush anime swims away from danger

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This gorgeous-looking, swooningly romantic anime feels like it could win over YA audiences: it’s heartfelt, unthreatening and rather lovely. Its representation of disability does feel a bit iffy in places, anche se: pre...

Iorram (Boat Song) review – swims with the ghosts of Scottish fishermen past

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Here is a gentle and ruminative, if slightly placid, documentary from director Alastair Cole, about the fishermen of the Western Isles and their way of life catching herring, eels and lobsters. Despite technological a...