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Fina sets up integrity unit as part of major swimming shake up

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The International Swimming Federation (Fina) has announced it will establish an integrity unit as part of a number of reforms to improve the governance, transparency and culture of the organisation. Fina’s reform comm...

Maddie Groves takes aim at Swimming Australia’s Kieren Perkins over denial of cultural problems

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Maddie Groves has accused Swimming Australia’s president Kieren Perkins of a “shocking” and “irresponsible” denial of cultural problems in the sport following comments made by Perkins in August this year. Groves withd...

Streamline review – emotionally gripping swimming film that breaks the sports movie mould

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The talented athlete, the tough-love coach, the upcoming championship or tryout that will test the protagonist’s resolve. You know this story; you’ve seen it before. Providing any innovation in the highly templated sp...

Tokyo Paralympics 2020 day four: athletics, swimming and more – live!

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Swimming superstar Ellie Cole on diversity, accessibility and bringing people joy

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Ellie Cole is a bonafide Australian sporting champion. Yet as other women athletes, or sportspeople of colour, or other minorities can attest, success is no shield sometimes. "Sabes, six years ago, I was working at...

El placer de la natación salvaje y el camping salvaje en el Distrito de los Lagos

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Un par de cascadas caen de un sinuoso, catarata rocosa en una profunda, piscina azul verdosa con un magnífico fresno que se encrespa sobre ella, las hojas de una de sus amplias ramas casi tocan la superficie. El agua ...

Tokyo Olympics 2020: women’s triathlon, natación, tennis and more – live!

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Australian swimming coach Dean Boxall’s wild celebration goes viral after Ariarne Titmus wins gold

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There are ways to celebrate and then there is Dean Boxall’s way to celebrate. From his position above the pool, penned in behind a railing, the swimming coach of newly-crowned Australian Olympic champion Ariarne Titmu...

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