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A Day for Susana review – Paralympic swimmer’s remarkable resilience in adversity

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Here is a film that accomplishes the difficult task of capturing the heroic trials of its subject without overly valorising and mythologising the real person. It is reminiscent of the excellent Time Trial documentary ...

The longest swim: solstice swimmers around the UK – photo essay

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The pandemic has been a tough time for swimmers. Lockdowns and tier systems meant swimming pools were closed for more days than they were open. Outdoor swimming spots were only for use by those local enough to access ...

Team GB swimmers come home after most successful Olympics

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British swimming Olympians have landed back in the UK from Tokyo after returning from their most successful Games. Team GB finished third in the swimming medal table behind the US and Australia. They won eight medals ...

Australia’s swimmers on the pace in bid to knock US off Olympic perch

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Verlede naweek, American swimmer Lilly King made a defiant statement with the Tokyo Olympics just a month away. “I think the [United States] vroue, if we have the meet we can have, can win every single individual gold,”...

‘Culture has been wrecked’: swimmers lament changes to Hampstead ponds

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Micah Sami spent her teenage years swimming in the Hampstead ladies’ pond. The freedom to access the water, or sit in the meadow, helped her cope whenever she wasn’t feeling great. But since the City of London Corpora...

Water like hot soup and 3.45am alarms: just another day for the marathon swimmers

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Before she swam 10 kilometres in under two hours in hot-as-soup Tokyo Bay, USA’s Haley Anderson had another time in mind: 3.45is. That was when her clock buzzed, vroeg, so early, on Wednesday morning. Two hours and fo...

Australian swimmers eager to entertain on the eve of Olympics duel with US

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When Australia’s head swim coach Rohan Taylor holds court, his subtle American lilt becomes more pronounced. “You can tell I have an American accent,” he is quick to confirm. “I was born in Australia, but I did grow u...

Swimmers denounce increasingly difficult access to UK waterways

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Landowners, councils and residents across the UK are increasingly putting measures in place to either discourage or ban the general public from accessing waterways. Swimming groups say the measures are creating furthe...