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Trudeau didn’t win the majority but still has chance to pass sweeping legislation

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Justin Trudeau went into Monday’s federal election with one of the world’s highest Covid-19 vaccination rates, billions spent on pandemic aid and the hope that he could convert the earned goodwill into a majority gove...

We Don’t Know Ourselves by Fintan O’Toole review – sweeping account of Ireland’s evolutions

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“For all my life until about 1980,” Fintan O’Toole writes, “I had been told to think of myself as the end of something and the beginning of something else.” While his sweeping, authoritative and profoundly intelligent...

Texas house passes sweeping voting restrictions bill

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The Texas house of representatives has passed a sweeping elections bill that would prohibit 24-hour and drive-through voting, block election officials from sending out absentee ballot applications, impose new identifi...

Capitol attack committee issues sweeping requests for official records

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The House select committee tasked with investigating the 6 January attacks on the Capitol has issued its first round of sweeping demands for records from multiple US government agencies. In a statement released on Wed...

Turkish fires sweeping through tourist areas are the hottest on record

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The heat intensity of wildfires in Turkey on Thursday was four times higher than anything on record for the nation, according to satellite data passed on to the Guardian. At least four people were killed by blazes tha...

Deadly coral disease sweeping Caribbean linked to wastewater from ships

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A virulent and fast-moving coral disease that has swept through the Caribbean could be linked to waste or ballast water from ships, según estudios. The deadly infection, known as stony coral tissue loss disease...

Nicaragua police arrest six opposition leaders under sweeping ‘treason’ laws

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Nicaraguan police have arrested a half dozen more opposition figures, including the sixth presidential hopeful to have been detained in a crackdown that started last month. Among those arrested on Monday was Lesther A...

DoJ files lawsuit to challenge Georgia’s sweeping voting restrictions

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The US justice department is filing a major federal lawsuit challenging a new sweeping voting measure in Georgia that is widely seen as a blatant effort to make it harder for minorities to vote in the state. The chall...

Why brutal protests have been sweeping across Colombia – video explainer

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From the Amazon to the Caribbean coast, several weeks of protests have swept Colombia – dozens have died as demonstrators have faced sometimes deadly retaliation from police. The catalyst was a proposed tax hike, sinc...

Enough fentanyl to kill San Francisco: the new wave of the opioid crisis sweeping California

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When San Francisco police seized seven kilos of powder-filled baggies containing the deadly opioid fentanyl last week, the city’s police chief warned the bust contained “enough lethal overdoses to wipe out San Francis...

America ‘on the move again’ as Biden lays out sweeping agenda

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Buenos dias. Joe Biden has made his first address to Congress, unveiling a sweeping $1.8tn package for families and education and pitching his “blue-collar blueprint” to rebuild America. The tone was optimistic as t...

Arizona passes sweeping anti-abortion bill banning procedure for genetic issues

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Arizona’s governor has signed a sweeping anti-abortion bill that bans the procedure if the woman is seeking it solely because a fetus has a genetic abnormality such as Down’s syndrome. Doctors who perform an abortion ...

Ontario gives police sweeping powers as Covid crisis spirals out of control

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Ontario has announced sweeping new police powers to enforce an extended stay-at-home order, in the latest sign that officials in Canada’s most populous province have lost control of the rapidly spreading coronavirus. ...

Georgia’s Republican-led legislature passes sweeping voting restrictions

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Georgia lawmakers on Thursday gave final approval to legislation to impose sweeping new restrictions on voting access in the state that make it harder to vote by mail and give the state legislature more power over ele...

House passes sweeping bills on voting rights and police reform – live updates

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Capitol Police have warned of possible militia plots targeting Congress today