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Evergrande shares rise as they resume trading after suspension

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Shares in the embattled Chinese property developer Evergrande rose on Tuesday after they resumed trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange following a suspension. China’s second-biggest developer halted trading on Monda...

Libya’s prime minster rejects foreign minister’s suspension

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Libya’s chronic political instability has been exposed, with the country’s foreign minister, Najla El-Mangoush, suspended from office and banned from leaving the country by the president, only for the disciplinary act...

Tory MP avoids suspension after Boris Johnson intervenes in sleaze row

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The Conservative MP Owen Paterson has escaped suspension from the Commons for 30 days and a possible byelection, after the government intervened at the last minute to pause the process and review the watchdog that inv...

PMQs live: Johnson faces Rayner after Speaker allows vote on move to stop Paterson suspension

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: crunch vote - which will see Tory MPs told to shelve a report from the cross-party standards committee - will go ahead after 3pm

Why are stakes so high in Owen Paterson suspension vote?

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Owen Paterson, the Conservative MP for North Shropshire and a former minister, is preparing to try to avoid a 30-day Commons suspension and possible byelection after the standards committee watchdog last week conclude...

Jacob Rees-Mogg questions fairness of Owen Paterson suspension vote

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Jacob Rees-Mogg has questioned the fairness of the Conservative MP Owen Paterson facing a six-week suspension from parliament and possible byelection, after he was found to have committed an “egregious” breach of lobb...

We walked the world’s longest suspension bridge in Portugal’s natural playground

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‘Three, two, uno, and … jump!” yelled Rafael, our rafting guide. Into the air my youngest son leapt, not a moment’s hesitation, arms akimbo, legs kicking vainly against emptiness. Below him swirled the freezing, froth...

Scotch whisky makers toast five-year suspension of US tariffs

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Whisky makers are raising a glass after the UK and US agreed to suspend retaliatory tariffs on goods including Scottish malts for five years, in the de-escalation of a transatlantic trade dispute stretching back almos...

Ollie Robinson’s England suspension is the right move by the ECB

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One Test into the summer and English cricket already finds itself under siege. Were it simply criticism of the national team’s lack of ambition with the bat on the final day at Lord’s, it could at least be blocked out...

World’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge Arouca 516 opens in Portugal – video

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The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has been completed in Portugal. The bridge, Arouca 516, sits 175 metres above the River Paiva in the north of the country. Suo 516 metre-long walkway breaks the record ...

World’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens in Portugal

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The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has been completed in northern Portugal, where residents of the nearby town hope the tourist attraction will help revive a region whose economy was devastated by the Co...

Ex-finance secretary Derek Mackay quits SNP after suspension

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Scotland’s former finance secretary has resigned from the Scottish National party after he was suspended over messages he sent to a teenage boy. Derek Mackay resigned as finance secretary hours before he was due to de...

WHO experts to discuss Oxford vaccine after suspension in some countries

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World Health Organization safety experts are preparing to meet over the AstraZeneca/Oxford coronavirus vaccine, whose rollout has been halted in several European countries over blood clot fears. The three largest EU n...