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El presidente de Ruanda sugiere que el Reino Unido extradite a los sospechosos de genocidio después del acuerdo de asilo

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Pablo Kagame, el presidente de ruanda, ha sugerido que el Reino Unido extradite a los sospechosos buscados en el país del este de África por supuestos roles en el 1994 genocidio, tras un polémico acuerdo con el Ministerio del Interior para tramitar el asilo....

Sewage dumps into English rivers widespread, criminal inquiry suspects

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A criminal investigation into water companies in England has uncovered suspected widespread illegal sewage discharges from treatment plants, the Environment Agency has revealed. The investigation into more than 2,200 ...

Canada plane crash mystery deepens with two murder suspects among dead

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A plane crash in the rugged hinterlands of Canada during seemingly calm weather has prompted a federal investigation into what could have brought down the small aircraft. But revelations that two of the passengers wer...

German plan to tackle far right could strip 1,500 suspects of gun licences

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Germany’s top security officials have announced a 10-point plan to combat far-right extremism in the country that includes disarming 1,500 suspected extremists and tightening background checks for those wanting to acq...

Tiroteo en Michigan: suspect’s parents held on $1m bond after capture

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The parents of the Michigan teen charged with killing four students at his high school this week “could have stopped” the shooting, prosecutors alleged at the parents’ arraignment on Saturday, before the judge set a c...

Tiroteo en Michigan: los padres del sospechoso desaparecieron después de que la pareja fuera acusada de homicidio involuntario

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Los padres de un niño acusado de matar a cuatro estudiantes en la escuela secundaria de Oxford están desaparecidos y son buscados por las fuerzas del orden después de que la pareja también fuera acusada como parte de la investigación sobre la fuga masiva..

Italian ‘maxi trial’ results in conviction of 70 ’Ndrangheta suspects

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Italy struck an early blow on Saturday against the country’s powerful ’Ndrangheta organised crime group, convicting 70 mobsters and others in a first, crucial test of the largest mafia trial in more than three decades...

Shock, horror and the usual hairy suspects: everyone’s included at Sitges film festival

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“I don’t know about you, but I’ve been cooped up for two years and it’s so fucking sweet to be here right now,” said Ana Lily Amirpour, on stage with a small dog called Benny, to introduce her film Mona Lisa and the B...

2015 Paris attacks: security high as 20 suspects go on trial

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The trial of 20 men accused of involvement in the 2015 wave of terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 and left hundreds more injured has opened in the French capital’s historic law courts. A 13.17 on Wednesday ju...

Haiti president’s widow suspects ‘oligarchs’ of organising his killing

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The widow of Haiti’s recently assassinated president has said she suspects his murder was engineered by wealthy Haitian “oligarchs” who have yet to be apprehended. Martine Moïse, who survived the 7 July assault in whi...

No hay nada más que Caf pueda decir en este momento”.: crowds protest after arrest of Jovenel Moïse assassination suspects – video

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Hundreds gathered to protest outside police headquarters after the arrest of 17 men believed to be involved in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse on Wednesday. Protesters demanded information about the suspe...

New Zealand supreme court opens door for murder suspect’s extradition to China

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New Zealand’s supreme court has reopened the door for a murder suspect’s potential extradition to China, in a landmark new ruling released on Friday. If it goes ahead, the extradition would be the first time New Zeala...

Far-right terror suspects arrested in Yorkshire, Wiltshire and Wales

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Police have arrested five people in areas across West Yorkshire, Wiltshire and north Wales as part of a counter-terrorism operation. The “pre-planned” arrests were part of an investigation into far-right terrorism led...

Dominic Raab: UK fully supports Czech hunt for Skripal suspects

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Con las tropas de Vladimir Putin concentradas en la frontera con Ucrania, Dominic Raab, said the UK stood in “full support” of the Czech Republic after the country’s police announced they were hunting two Russians suspected of carrying out the Salisbury poison...

Czech police hunt two men with names matching Skripal suspects

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Czech police said on Saturday they were seeking two Russian men in connection with a 2014 blast that killed two people. Los hombres, ellos dijeron, hold passports used by the suspects in the attempted poisoning of Sergei Skri...

Rise in suspects using face coverings to mask identity, say Kent police

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Would Covid masks help criminals get away with it? It was the question posed by police, academics and many others when face coverings became compulsory in shops and other premises last year. Ahora, parece, they have t...

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