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My hope for a more open discussion of women’s and trans rights is fading

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I would like to suggest that the response to last week’s protests against philosophy professor Kathleen Stock at the University of Sussex could mark a turning point in the argument over women’s and trans rights that h...

Susanna Clarke: ‘Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman taught me to be courageous in writing’

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The book I am currently readingMark Vernon’s Dante’s Divine Comedy: A Guide for the Spiritual Journey. It’s partly an introduction to the epic and fantastic journey Dante undertakes, but more importantly it’s about re...

Susanna Reid bids farewell to ‘disruptivePiers Morgan after GMB exit

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Susanna Reid has told viewers of the first edition of Good Morning Britain after the departure of Piers Morgan that they “disagreed on many things”, including his remarks on the Duchess of Sussex, and described him as...

If working from home becomes the norm, housing inequality will deepen

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The latest voice to sing the praises of working from home is the Climate Change Committee. It is pushing at an open door: with a commitment to flexible working in the Conservative manifesto, and Labour pushing the gov...

‘You can’t separate them’: the unlikely love story of Guy Clark, Susanna Clark and Townes Van Zandt

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When director Tamara Saviano decided to make a film about the Americana songwriter Guy Clark, she knew she couldn’t tell his story without covering the lives of two other creative souls – his wife, the songwriter and ...

Is Piers Morgan Marmite? Susanna Reid can’t decide

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You are not supposed to be able to avoid having an opinion about Piers Morgan, and on the first edition of Good Morning Britain after his exciting departure, the references to Marmite were thick and gloopy. “Unique is...

Women’s prize for fiction goes to Susanna Clarke’s ‘mind-bending’ Piranesi

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Susanna Clarke, who published her debut novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 17 years ago and then was struck down with chronic illness, has won the Women’s prize for fiction for her second, Piranesi. Narrated by i...

Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi is a triumphantly unusual Women’s prize winner

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This year’s Women’s prize produced a notably strong shortlist, led by Brit Bennett’s landmark saga of racism and family in the US, The Vanishing Half; along with Patricia Lockwood’s hilariously barbed satire of intern...

Labour’s contradictory policies on trans and women’s rights must be addressed

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For Ruth Serwotka, the lowest point came on 13 Februarie 2020. She was making coffee when Lisa Nandy, then a candidate for the Labour leadership, was asked on the radio about Woman’s Place UK, the grassroots campaignin...