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Grenfell survivors call for urgent ban on combustible building materials

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The bereaved and survivors of the Grenfell disaster have called for an urgent ban on the use of combustible materials in buildings after they said evidence at the public inquiry had revealed “fraud”, “cover-up” and “i...

Herself review – a domestic abuse survivor​’s tale in search of the right tone

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The British director Phyllida Lloyd adds a spritz of commercial glitter to this bleak story about a domestic abuse survivor navigating Dublin’s housing crisis. Sandra (Clare Dunne) is separated from her violent, manip...

Paris attack survivors await start of France’s biggest ever criminal trial

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Deep inside Paris’s historic law courts on the bank of the River Seine, builders were putting the finishing touches to an extraordinary architectural structure described as a cross between a high-security bunker and m...

‘Blinded by police’: my search for fellow survivors of an alarming trend

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My mind raced in the seconds after I was shot. I heard the gun go off and turned my head toward the sound, just in time to watch the spinning aluminum canister slam into my brow. Everything went black. I stumbled. Whe...

Plan A review – astonishing Holocaust survivors’ revenge plot falls flat

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Based on actual events, this film from Israeli brothers Doron and Yoav Paz dramatises an astonishing piece of Holocaust history: a deadly plot by a small group of Jewish survivors to poison the water supply in Nurembe...

Unacknowledged rape: the sexual assault survivors who hide their trauma – even from themselves

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The morning after it happened, I said a cheery: “Good morning,” to my university roommate, as if nothing was wrong. “How was last night?” she asked. “So fun,” I lied. The truth was that the night before I had feared f...

Haiti earthquake 10 days on: survivors still ‘hungry and thirsty– video report

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The death toll is still rising 10 days after a catastrophic earthquake struck southern Haiti on the morning of 14 agosto. Más que 2,200 deaths have been recorded so far, while at least 30,000 families have had to ab...

Tropical Storm Grace’s heavy rains pour misery on Haiti earthquake survivors

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Tropical Storm Grace has lashed southern Haiti with drenching rains, piling on misery for survivors of a powerful earthquake as flash floods and landslides further complicate relief efforts. Power was still out and c...

Exhibition to show 50 contemporary portraits of Holocaust survivors

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When Kitty Hart-Moxon, 97, was recently asked to choose one object that symbolised the horrors she survived at the hands of the Nazis in Auschwitz, Belsen, and on death marches, she had no doubts. A glass container en...

‘I’m not alone’: survivors organise against sexual violence in Colombia

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Children now play football on the field where the lives of the people of El Salado changed completely. En febrero 2000, sobre 450 paramilitary fighters stormed this small Colombian town. They forced people from their...

Bill Cosby’s release is exactly why rape survivors don’t come forward

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Bill Cosby was released from a Pennsylvania prison on Wednesday after the Pennsylvania supreme court vacated his 2018 conviction for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. Cosby, who has been accuse...

La búsqueda de sobrevivientes del colapso de Miami continúa con 150 la gente sigue desaparecida

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Familiares y amigos del 150 Las personas que siguen desaparecidas después de que un condominio de Florida se derrumbó la semana pasada se enfrentaron a un sexto día de espera desgarrador el martes., mientras los equipos de búsqueda y rescate continuaban escudriñando el fuego destrozado..

Colapso de condominio en Miami: el número de muertos aumenta a cinco a medida que las cuadrillas buscan supervivientes

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El número de muertos por el colapso de un edificio de condominios en Surfside, cerca de Miami, subió a las cinco de la tarde del sábado. Tres días después del colapso, Los equipos de rescate corrieron para recuperar a los sobrevivientes., lucha contra el fuego y el humo de ...

The government’s rape review has ignored the experiences of Black survivors

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Last week the end-to-end rape review was published, with the government issuing an apology to victims, acknowledging widespread criminal justice system failures that have led to the decriminalisation of rape. Will thi...

Grenfell survivors accuse government of fire safety ‘Russian roulette’

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Survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster have accused the government of playing “Russian roulette” by failing to fix hundreds of thousands of high-rise homes with similar fire safety defects. Before Monday’s fourth an...

Marco Rubio quiere detener la deuda estudiantil, pero solo con los sobrevivientes del terrorismo

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Los estadounidenses que sobreviven a un ataque terrorista deben obtener un aplazamiento automático de un año en los pagos de sus préstamos estudiantiles federales, según un proyecto de ley presentado por Marco Rubio, un senador republicano de Florida. "Deberíamos ...

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