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‘Not just surviving, thriving’: interest in women’s sport has risen since pandemic

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A fifth of UK adults have increased their following of women’s sport during the pandemic, research has found, with many citing the rise in coverage as a reason for their greater interest. A report published by Leaders...

Freight Dogs by Giles Foden review – surviving Africa’s world war

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“For all the talk of brothers, would any of these men come and get me, birthday or no? Are they faux amis,” muses Manu, the reluctant hero of Freight Dogs, “false friends or true?” In times of war, trust nobody. That’...

‘Enjoy the little things’: Melburnians give their tips to surviving extended lockdown

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We may have escaped the ravages of Covid that have maimed nations elsewhere, but Australians have still endured its consequences through lengthy, disruptive lockdowns. Nowhere is this as intimately understood than in ...