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First world war bomb survives bumpy ride in Yorkshire litter pickers’ car

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Two litter pickers unwittingly drove half a mile home with a live first world war bomb in the car as their weekly good deed turned into a scene from a Hollywood thriller. Rachel Wills and Simon Briscombe thought they ...

Bull survives being swept 80km down a river, over a waterfall and almost out to sea

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A young bull that was swept into a surging river during flooding on New Zealand’s West Coast has miraculously survived the ordeal, turning up unharmed a week later, 80 kilometres (49 myl) stroomaf, snuffling about...

Fox anchor survives second Covid case and tells detractors: ‘Sorry to disappoint’

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The Fox anchor Neil Cavuto returned to the air on Monday, to say he nearly died from a second bout with the coronavirus and to tell detractors including those who sent death threats over his support for vaccines: “So ...

Stowaway survives in nose wheel during South Africa flight to Netherlands

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A stowaway was discovered in the wheel section under the front of a freight plane that arrived at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport from South Africa on Sunday, Dutch military police have said. “The man is doing well consi...

Stowaway survives flight from Guatemala to Miami hidden in plane’s landing gear

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A stowaway hidden in the landing gear compartment of an American Airlines jet survived a flight from his home country of Guatemala to Miami, where he was turned over to US immigration officials and taken to a hospital...

Valskermsoldaat wie se valskerm nie kon oopmaak nie, oorleef nadat hy in die huis vasgery het

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A British paratrooper whose parachute failed to open correctly sustained only “minor injuries” after a 15,000ft fall took him through the roof of a house in California, crashing into the kitchen in a burst of insulati...

California shark attack: surfer survives great white bite near San Francisco

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A surfer was severely injured in an attack by a great white shark off California on Saturday, one month after researchers found that numbers of the predator were growing in the region. The 35-year-old man was able to...

‘Certainly life-threatening’: 80-year-old Australian survives 30-minute boat ride with tiger snake

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Most people would back well away at the site of a potentially deadly tiger snake – one of the world’s most venomous snakes. But when 80-year-old Australian retired banker Bob Thatcher saw a one-metre tiger snake he ha...

Netherlands PM Mark Rutte narrowly survives no-confidence vote

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Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has survived one of the biggest political fights of his decade in power, narrowly winning a no-confidence vote over claims he lied about coalition talks. Dubbed the “Teflon premier” for...