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Fears London and Paris would die due to Covid are unfounded, finds survey

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Reports of a “death of the city” due to the Covid crisis have been greatly exaggerated, according to a survey of Parisians and Londoners that found little change in people’s satisfaction with urban life or plans to mo...

UK failing on childcare, finds survey of over 20,000 working parents

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Tens of thousands of working parents say the government is failing them with inadequate childcare policies that leave them financially crippled, stymied in their careers and desperate for radical change, according to ...

Survey suggests UK workers are beginning to return to city centres

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Figures suggest that workers started to return to city centre desks last week, with Pret a Manger hailing a comeback for takeaway sandwiches and coffee. With some firms offering free food and gifts to tempt staff back...

Covid disrupted treatment for 30% of NHS cancer patients, survey shows

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Almost three in 10 cancer patients had their treatment disrupted when the NHS suspended much of its normal care to focus on Covid-19, a survey shows. Algehele 29% of people receiving cancer care had a test, procedure o...

UK public’s inflation expectations have leapt, opname vind

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The British public expects inflation to jump over the coming year before it stabilises, according to a survey just days before the Bank of England makes its own assessment of inflation and whether it should impose hig...

UK manufacturers held back by staff and parts shortages, opname vind

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Shortages of labour and materials are hampering the ability of Britain’s manufacturers to take advantage of a post-lockdown boost to demand, the latest snapshot of industry has shown. Despite posting another strong pe...

Coronavirus live nuus: South Korea reports record daily cases; 67% in India have Covid antibodies, opname vind

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South Korea confirms 1,784 new infections in 24 ure; Indian officials hopeful that antibody positivity rate means majority of country less vulnerable

Millions of pupils in England had no language teaching in lockdowns – survey

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Millions of children did not receive any language tuition during lockdowns in England, the British Council has said. The council’s annual survey of English primary and secondary schools found that more than half of pr...

Small majority believe there is still time to avert climate disaster – survey

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A small majority of people believe there is still time to make a difference and slow global heating, a survey of consumer attitudes in 16 countries reveals. People aged 55 and over believe most strongly that their beh...

US image rebounds while ‘unfavourable’ views of China remain, global survey finds

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A new survey has found that since Joe Biden came to power, positive views of the United States have rebounded across 17 advanced economies in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Most continue to see China in an un...

One in five people in parts of EU pay bribes for healthcare, opname vind

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Almost a third of residents in the EU relied on personal connections to access healthcare during the Covid crisis, and around one in five in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Lithuania paid a bribe for such services, a r...

Shelf-stacking more useful in pandemic than master’s degree – survey

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Graduates who spent last year stacking shelves, working as an Amazon driver or volunteering are far more employable than those who “waited out” the pandemic by continuing their education, a study has found. The Early ...

Long Players by Tom Gatti review – a richly textured musical survey

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The public airing of musical tastes doesn’t always bring out the best in human nature. The scope for being snobbish, competitive, judgmental, braggish (humble or otherwise) and a long list of other petty vices is hard...

Most Britons cannot name all parts of the vulva, survey reveals

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Do you know your urethra from your clitoris? And could you locate either of them on a diagram? According to a survey of patients in hospital waiting rooms, half of Britons could not identify the urethra, terwyl 37% mis...

Experts urge minimum alcohol pricing in England after survey shows success

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Campaigners have called for a minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol in England after research showed it has worked on reducing consumption in some of the heaviest drinking households in Scotland and Wales. A 50p per un...

Repair bill for schools in England doubles to over £11bn, finds survey

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Schools in England face a repair bill of more than £11bn, nearly double some previous estimates, according to a long-awaited national survey completed by the government. The survey confirmed years of complaints by tea...

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