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US in ‘another pivotal moment’ as Delta variant drives surge in Covid cases

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The US is “at another pivotal moment in this pandemic” as rising Covid-19 cases show no signs of abating, driven by the Delta variant, and some hospitals are filling up, especially in areas with low vaccination rates,...

‘Extraordinary surge’ in Covid cases across US driven by Delta variant

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Covid cases are rising in all 50 US states as the Delta variant spreads coast to coast, news outlets reported on Friday , and with less than half the US population fully vaccinated, public health chiefs warned of an “...

Spain records surge in Covid cases among unvaccinated young people

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Authorities and health experts in Spain have called for prudence and responsibility amid a surge in cases among young people who are still waiting to be vaccinated after more than 1,000 Covid cases across the country ...

Surge in Covid-19 cases in Tokyo, less than a month out from Olympics

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A rise in daily cases of the coronavirus in Tokyo has triggered fears of a possible fifth wave of infections, less than a month before the city is due to host the Olympics. Tokyo reported 317 infections on Monday – an...

India’s shocking surge in Covid cases follows baffling decline

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More than a million new infections in four days, rampant oxygen shortages and the Indian capital, Delhi, awash with sirens: this is what happens when wildly infectious new variants hit a population that was no longer ...

Ontario declares one-month lockdown as it battles surge of Covid cases

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Canada’s most populous region has declared a one-month stay-at-home order and announced plans for mobile vaccine teams to target high-risk workers – including teachers and factory and warehouse workers – as it battles...

How a surge of Covid cases in India hit the UK’s vaccine supply

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An office worker in India’s Maharashtra state develops flu-like symptoms – and upsets the vaccination plans of a British fortysomething in lockdown thousands of miles away. Such is the butterfly effect of the global s...

China industrial output and retail sales surge in Covid-19 rebound – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus