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Surge in Britons booking ahead for UK holidays in 2022

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It is a conundrum that British tourist boards have struggled for decades to solve: how do you persuade holidaymakers to swap sangria in Spain for Blackpool rock? Hierdie jaar, record numbers of Britons opted for domestic...

Clothing and make-up sales surge as Britons scrub up after lockdown

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The pandemic turned 2020 into the year that fashion forgot as successive lockdowns made getting out of your pyjamas an achievement. But sales of high heels, handbags and lipstick are now roaring back as pub gardens, f ...

Luxury watch sales surge as Britons go on spending spree with lockdown savings

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The UK’s biggest seller of Rolex and Omega watches said sales had surged as Britons splashed lockdown savings on luxury watches and jewellery, including wedding and engagement rings. Watches of Switzerland’s UK sales ...