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We hoped for a Starmer surge; this is middling Miliband territory. Todavía, there’s hope

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A new dawn has broken, has it not. But the difference between 1997, when Tony Blair famously greeted victory with these words, and the rather more anticlimactic muddle of this year’s local elections, is that this isn’...

Measles cases surge nearly 80% in wake of Covid chaos, with fears other diseases could follow

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Measles cases have surged nearly 80% worldwide this year amid disruption caused by Covid-19, la ONU ha dicho, warning that the rise of the “canary in a coalmine” illness indicated that outbreaks of other diseases were...

Revelado: top US corporations raising prices on Americans even as profits surge

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As inflation shot to a new peak in March, cost increases exacted a deep toll on the economy, eating into most Americans’ wages and further imperiling the financially vulnerable. But for many of the US’s largest compan...

Taiwán no se bloqueará como Shanghái a pesar del aumento de Covid, primer ministro dice

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Taiwán no entrará en un bloqueo similar al de Shanghái para controlar un aumento en los casos de Covid-19, ya que la gran mayoría de los infectados no tienen síntomas o solo muestran síntomas menores., el primer ministro, Su Tseng-chang, ha dicho. Taiwán h...

Thai mango sticky rice sales surge after sweet treat’s Coachella cameo

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Bangkok’s famous Mae Varee mango sticky rice shop has barely kept up with demand over recent days. En un punto, so many delivery drivers had lined up outside to collect orders that the police arrived, concerned that ...

Can Emmanuel Macron hold off France’s far-right surge? - pódcast

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The first round of the French election takes place this Sunday with Emmanuel Macron staking his claim to a second term. But to do so he must beat a resurgent far right, says our Paris correspondent Angelique Chrisafis...

The Guardian view on Marine Le Pen’s surge: alarm bells ring

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In her prizewinning memoir The Years, the author Annie Ernaux recalled the collective panic on the French left in 2002, when Jean-Marie Le Pen unexpectedly made it to the runoff in that year’s presidential election. “...

Shanghai puts whole city on lockdown as Covid cases surge

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Shanghai has put all its 26 million residents under lockdown in China’s single-biggest city-wide imposition of the restrictions since the pandemic began as authorities admitted the difficulty in containing the fast-sp...

Shanghai to lock down millions for mass testing as China’s Covid cases surge

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Shanghai will launch a phased lockdown to curb an Omicron-fuelled Covid-19 outbreak that has hit China with its highest caseloads since the early days of the pandemic, the city government said. China’s biggest city wi...

convoy humanitario capturado cerca de Mariupol

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convoy humanitario capturado cerca de Mariupol.

Shelter gangs and a serial killer: Covid crime surge leaves New York’s unhoused more vulnerable

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The Covid-19 pandemic has been brutally tough on America’s homeless. Already difficult patterns of living, often just survival, were abruptly disrupted as the city emptied and shut down during spikes. Shelters and foo...

China reports first coronavirus deaths in over a year amid omicron surge

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China’s national health authorities reported two Coronavirus deaths on Saturday, the first recorded rise in the death toll since January last year, as the country battles an omicron-driven surge. The deaths, both in n...

South Korea reports record Covid deaths as daily cases surge past 600,000

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South Korea reported record daily Covid infections and record deaths caused by the virus, as the country which once took an aggressive anti-pandemic approach is set to end Covid restrictions. El jueves, authorities ...

Muslims in Australia experienced surge of hate after Christchurch massacre, report reveals

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The Christchurch massacre triggered a surge of hate towards Muslim people in Australia, with women the vast majority of victims, a report has found. The Islamophobia Register Australia (IRA) recorded a fourfold increa...

One-third of all US child Covid deaths occurred during Omicron surge

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As many as a third of all child deaths from Covid in the US have occurred during the Omicron surge of the pandemic. Children seem to be facing increasing risks from Covid-19 even as mask mandates drop across the count...

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