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Hand and contact surface hygiene is still essential to keep Covid-19 at bay

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While Covid-19 is primarily an airborne pathogen (Hygiene theatre: how excessive cleaning gives us a false sense of security, 12 mes de julio), transmission via hands in combination with surfaces recently and frequently touch...

Beetle that can walk upside down under water surface filmed in Australia in world first

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An Australian beetle has been observed walking upside down along the surface of water – the first instance that such behaviour has been visually documented. The tiny aquatic beetle, about 6mm to 8mm in length, has bee...

Murray worried by ‘slippy’ Wimbledon surface after Serena Williams injury

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Andy Murray has joined a chorus of players raising concerns about Wimbledon’s Centre Court surface being too slippery after Serena Williams was forced to retire during her first-round match. Williams, a 23-time grand ...

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 revisión: Windows 10 as it is meant to be

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Microsoft’s sleek and stylish Surface Laptop is back for its fourth generation with faster performance and a greater variety of chips. The Surface Laptop 4 is available with either a 13.5in or a 15in screen and starts...

Condé Nast only shows ‘surface level’ understanding of representation – US diversity expert

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A US diversity expert has said the publisher Condé Nast has shown only a “surface level” understanding of the importance of representation, following its short-lived appointment of Alexi McCammond as editor of Teen Vo...