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TV esta noche: Suranne Jones in emotional tour de force I Am Victoria

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A ferociously intense yet deeply vulnerable performance from Suranne Jones dominates this opening episode of a new series of standalone dramas from Dominic Savage. Jones’s Victoria seems to have everything: a loving ...

Vigilia: Suranne Jones’s classy new drama is Sunday night TV at its best

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There are three things we, as a nation, love and adore: bank holiday weekends, multilayered murder mysteries being solved by someone who keeps having flashbacks to that one time they had trauma, and Suranne Jones bein...

TV esta noche: Suranne Jones leads an underwater investigation

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Lovesick creator Tom Edge pens this ingeniously claustrophobic maritime drama, starring Suranne Jones. When a crew member is found dead on the Trident nuclear submarine HMS Vigil, Detective Amy Silva (Jones) must go ...

Vigil review – Suranne Jones feels the pressure in sharp submarine thriller

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A nuclear submarine. A dead body. A fishing trawler and her crew dragged beneath the waves by an unseen, unstoppable force. A reactor shutdown. Suranne Jones as a bereaved police detective battening down her grief to ...