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Lula judge was biased, Brazil supreme court rules, paving way to challenge Bolsonaro

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Brazil’s supreme court has ruled that the former judge Sergio Moro was biased in the way he oversaw former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s corruption trial, providing vindication for the leftist leader who has l...

US supreme court says foster agency can discriminate against LGBTQ people

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The US supreme court has ruled against the rights of LGBTQ people to foster children in Philadelphia, in a decision that has raised fears the court could next seek to take away same-sex marriage rights. The court said...

UK supreme court gets second female judge as Lady Justice Rose joins

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Lady Justice Rose has joined the supreme court, doubling the number of female justices in the UK’s highest court in an appointment that has failed to quell concerns about lack of diversity. Rose, educated at both Oxfo...

Supreme court justice Stephen Breyer: Democrats must ‘get Republicans talking’

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The supreme court justice Stephen Breyer has told young Americans Democrats facing Republican intransigence, obstruction and outright attacks on democracy should “get ‘em talking”, in search of compromise and progress...

Virginia supreme court to hear cases challenging removal of Confederate statue

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The supreme court of Virginia will this week hear arguments in legal challenges to Governor Ralph Northam’s plan to take down a 131-year-old statue of Confederate Gen Robert E Lee, a move met with widespread praise fr...

Biden orders commission to study supreme court expansion and reform

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Joe Biden on Friday ordered a study of adding seats to the supreme court, creating a bipartisan 36-member commission that will spend the next six months examining the politically incendiary issues of expanding the cou...

The supreme court is deciding more and more cases in a secretive ‘shadow docket’

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La settimana scorsa, it was Remain in Mexico. Martedì, the supreme court issued an order requiring the Biden administration to reinstate the Trump-era policy that required asylum seekers from Central America to stay across t...

Democrats plan to unveil legislation to expand the US supreme court by four seats

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Democrats are planning to introduce a bill to expand the supreme court – proposing to add four justices to the US’s highest court. Senator Ed Markey, and representatives Jerrold Nadler, Hank Johnson and Mondaire Jone...

Supreme court rejects challenge to universal credit ‘two-child limit’

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The UK’s highest court has rejected a challenge over the government’s “two-child limit” for welfare payments. The rule, which came into force in April 2017, restricts child tax credit and universal credit to the first...

Justice on the Brink review: how the religious right took the supreme court

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Linda Greenhouse’s byline became synonymous with the supreme court during the 30 years she covered it for the New York Times. She excelled at unraveling complex legal riddles for the average reader. She also had treme...

Sturgeon blasts decision to refer Holyrood bills to UK supreme court

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Nicola Sturgeon has condemned the UK government’s decision to refer two bills passed by Holyrood unanimously to the supreme court as “morally repugnant” amid an outcry from Scottish MPs. The Scottish parliament passed...

US supreme court refuses to block radical Texas abortion law

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A deeply divided supreme court has allowed a Texas law that bans most abortions to remain in force, stripping most women of the right to an abortion in the nation’s second-largest state. The court voted 5-4 early on T...

US supreme court to hear case over right to carry concealed guns outside

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The US supreme court stepped back into the gun control debate on Monday, saying it would take up a case focused on whether people can carry concealed guns outside the home in New York. The case could lead to the most...

US supreme court refuses to block extreme Texas abortion ban – live

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The Dumb Waiter review – Thewlis and Mays’s supreme double act beefs up Pinter’s menace

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It takes theatrical alchemy – and talent – to turn a play as familiar as Harold Pinter’s 1957 two-hander into a drama as new and freshly dangerous as Jeremy Herrin’s revivalhere. That is partly down to the supreme sk...

New Zealand supreme court blocks seabed mining consent

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A New Zealand offshore mining company has lost its supreme court bid to overturn a decision preventing it from mining millions of tonnes of iron-sand off the coast of South Taranaki, on New Zealand’s North Island. Thu...