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‘I am angry!': Elizabeth Warren lambasts supreme court after draft abortion opinion leak – video

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'I am angry, upset and determined,' said Massachusetts Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren in Washington, after joining a protest at the supreme court on Tuesday following the release of the draft opinion that would o...

Facebook’s long-awaited content ‘supreme courthas arrived. It’s a clever sham

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In ottobre, Facebook unveiled its long-awaited “oversight board” – a special, semi-independent body, staffed mainly by experts on free speech and constitutional law, with the authority to make decisions about controve...

‘It feels like such a betrayal’: supreme court leak sparks protests across US – video

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In cities across the US, thousands took to the streets to demand abortion rights on Tuesday, a day after the leak of a draft supreme court opinion that would overturn Roe v Wade, the landmark ruling in 1973 that legal...

Supreme court contender J Michelle Childs praised by Trump ally Graham

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J Michelle Childs, a South Carolina judge among contenders to be nominated to the supreme court by Joe Biden, has received strong support from an unlikely source: Ora vedi Joe Biden in carica, a Republican senator and leading ally ...

US supreme court justices on abortion – what they’ve said and how they’ve voted

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With Roe v Wade on the brink of defeat, following the leak of a supreme court opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito and signed by four other conservative judges, the court’s views – and track record – on abortion ar...

Sturgeon blasts decision to refer Holyrood bills to UK supreme court

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Nicola Sturgeon has condemned the UK government’s decision to refer two bills passed by Holyrood unanimously to the supreme court as “morally repugnant” amid an outcry from Scottish MPs. The Scottish parliament passed...

Amy Coney Barrett says the supreme court aren’t ‘partisan hacks’. Oh really?

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War is peace, freedom is slavery, and the supreme court is a dispassionate nonpartisan branch of government free of bias – this is the Orwellian fable that Justice Amy Coney Barrett is now asking Americans to believe....

Post-Trump supreme court appears willing to embrace judicial activism

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Su 6 luglio 2018, four days before Donald Trump selected Brett Kavanaugh to be his second of three nominations to the US supreme court, the then president promised the American people his judge of choice would have noth...

Supreme court to hear challenge to UK’s voter ID trial in 2019 elezione

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The supreme court is to hear a challenge to the government’s decision to hold voter ID trials in 2019 in a case that could have implications for the wider rollout of the scheme. The government is expected to introduce...

US supreme court to consider Boston’s refusal to fly Christian flag at city hall

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The US supreme court will on Tuesday consider whether the city of Boston violated the free speech of a Christian group who sought to fly a flag in front of city hall. Three flagpoles stand outside Boston city hall. L...

McConnell won’t rule out blocking Biden supreme court pick

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At the end of a week in which Mitch McConnell refused to rule out blocking a Joe Biden supreme court pick if Republicans take the Senate next year, an expert said the court may have reached a “turning point” regarding...

Ben Jennings on the supreme court’s draft ruling on Roe v Wade — cartoon

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Biden orders commission to study supreme court expansion and reform

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Joe Biden on Friday ordered a study of adding seats to the supreme court, creating a bipartisan 36-member commission that will spend the next six months examining the politically incendiary issues of expanding the cou...

US supreme court to hear case over right to carry concealed guns outside

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The US supreme court stepped back into the gun control debate on Monday, saying it would take up a case focused on whether people can carry concealed guns outside the home in New York. The case could lead to the most...

La Corte Suprema degli Stati Uniti accetta di prendere in considerazione un importante annullamento dei diritti di aborto

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La Corte Suprema degli Stati Uniti ha deciso lunedì di prendere in considerazione un importante annullamento dei diritti di aborto, dicendo che accetterà il tentativo del Mississippi di imporre un divieto di aborto di 15 settimane. L'ordinanza del tribunale stabilisce una resa dei conti sull'aborto ...

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