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Facebook’s long-awaited content ‘supreme courthas arrived. It’s a clever sham

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En octubre, Facebook unveiled its long-awaited “oversight board” – a special, semi-independent body, staffed mainly by experts on free speech and constitutional law, with the authority to make decisions about controve...

Supreme court to hear challenge to UK’s voter ID trial in 2019 elección

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The supreme court is to hear a challenge to the government’s decision to hold voter ID trials in 2019 in a case that could have implications for the wider rollout of the scheme. The government is expected to introduce...

Lula judge was biased, Brazil supreme court rules, paving way to challenge Bolsonaro

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Brazil’s supreme court has ruled that the former judge Sergio Moro was biased in the way he oversaw former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s corruption trial, providing vindication for the leftist leader who has l...

US supreme court notes ‘disturbingtrends in collegestreatment of athletes

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The US supreme court on Wednesday seemed ready to give college athletes a win in a dispute with their governing body, the NCAA. With the March Madness basketball tournament in its final stages, the court heard argumen...

US supreme court denies Alex Jones’s appeal in Sandy Hook shooting case

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The US supreme court on Monday declined to hear an appeal by the Infowars host, Trump ally and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who was fighting a Connecticut court sanction in a defamation lawsuit brought by relatives...

Supreme court dismisses case brought by Twitter users Trump blocked

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A lawsuit over whether or not former President Donald Trump could block individuals from seeing content published on his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account has been dismissed by the US supreme court. Heeding the rulings...

Biden orders commission to study supreme court expansion and reform

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Joe Biden on Friday ordered a study of adding seats to the supreme court, creating a bipartisan 36-member commission that will spend the next six months examining the politically incendiary issues of expanding the cou...

Sturgeon blasts decision to refer Holyrood bills to UK supreme court

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Nicola Sturgeon has condemned the UK government’s decision to refer two bills passed by Holyrood unanimously to the supreme court as “morally repugnant” amid an outcry from Scottish MPs. The Scottish parliament passed...

Democrats plan to unveil legislation to expand the US supreme court by four seats

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Democrats are planning to introduce a bill to expand the supreme court – proposing to add four justices to the US’s highest court. Senator Ed Markey, and representatives Jerrold Nadler, Hank Johnson and Mondaire Jone...

UK supreme court gets second female judge as Lady Justice Rose joins

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Lady Justice Rose has joined the supreme court, doubling the number of female justices in the UK’s highest court in an appointment that has failed to quell concerns about lack of diversity. Rosa, educated at both Oxfo...

Supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett reportedly signs $2m book deal

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The former attorney general William Barr and supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett have reportedly signed book deals – with Barrett paid a reported $2m for a volume on how judges should not bring their personal feel...

US supreme court declines to limit life without parole sentences for minors

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The newly conservative-leaning US supreme court has declined to place new limits on sentencing juveniles to life in prison with no chance of parole, marking a break with the court’s previous rulings which had been gra...

Biden’s pick for supreme court reform panel is a conservative Kavanaugh defender

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A conservative academic who was selected by the Biden administration to serve on a bi-partisan commission on reform of the US supreme court was an outspoken defender of Brett Kavanaugh, and previously suggested Christ...

US supreme court to hear case over right to carry concealed guns outside

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The US supreme court stepped back into the gun control debate on Monday, saying it would take up a case focused on whether people can carry concealed guns outside the home in New York. The case could lead to the most...

US supreme court gives hope to long-term immigrants in deportation ruling

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The US supreme court on Thursday offered new hope to thousands of long-term immigrants seeking to avoid deportation in a ruling that faulted the federal government for improperly notifying a man who came to the Unite...

Supreme court agrees to take up abortion case that could threaten Roe v Wade – live

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Court agreed to take up a case challenging a Mississippi law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy

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