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‘It takes too long to get support’: alarm over rising primary school exclusions

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Sam Bates* was excluded from school for the first time when he was five years old. After moving into year 1, he struggled to sit still, became frustrated with staff and pushed chairs over. He was sent home for one day...

‘No support’: domestic abuse survivors on feeling ignored by police

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Women who have suffered domestic abuse have described feeling ignored by police, whom they accuse of failing to protect them from violence. On the day a police watchdog said that preventing violence against women and ...

US poverty fell in 2020 as government support offset pandemic damage

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US poverty fell in 2020, evidence that government aid can lift millions of Americans out of poverty – even in a global health and economic crisis. The first months of 2020 were marked by unemployment levels unseen sin...

How do you decide which football team to support as a neutral?

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Para mí, 11 mes de julio 2021 will go down in history. Not as the date of the England men’s football team’s first major final since 1966, but the first time as an adult I supported England in a major tournament. Desde 1980, I ...

How mass killings by US forces after 9/11 boosted support for the Taliban

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The men of Zangabad village, Panjwai district lined up on the eve of 11 September to count and remember their dead, the dozens of relatives who they say were killed at the hands of the foreign forces that first appear...

Postnatal depression is frightening, but seeking support helps the whole family

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“I want to be a good mother but I’m afraid. I didn’t have a good childhood.” The nurse held back tears as she told me what the patient had told her. Involuntarily, I felt the prick of tears too, at her horror and the ...

The west must engage with the Taliban and provide financial support

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Afghanistan is on the brink of economic meltdown. Millions of people are going hungry. Teachers and doctors are going unpaid. The social infrastructure built up over the past 20 years is collapsing, The banks are runn...

El voto por la independencia de Escocia depende de un apoyo sostenido, dice el ministro del Reino Unido

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El gobierno del Reino Unido podría aprobar un segundo referéndum de independencia de Escocia si el apoyo para organizar uno se mantiene por encima 60% por un período sostenido, Alister Jack, la secretaria de Escocia, ha dicho. Jack dijo apoyo constante..

Plan for Texas to host Afghan evacuees gets bipartisan support though experts are wary

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There was bipartisan support in Texas this weekend for housing Afghan evacuees at the million-acre Fort Bliss military base, in El Paso near the Mexico border. But one immigration rights expert warned both that those ...

Afghan child refugees left without support in Home Office hotels

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Child refugees from Afghanistan are being held by the Home Office in hotels for weeks on end without shoes, spare clothes, money or access to healthcare, embarrassing the home secretary, who promised to help people fl...

Former New Zealand cricketer Chris Cairns off life support after heart surgery

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Former New Zealand all-rounder Chris Cairns is off life support and recovering in hospital after emergency surgery in Sydney for a heart problem, his lawyer said on Friday. “I’m pleased to advise that Chris is off lif...

European stock markets tumble on Covid support concerns

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European financial markets have fallen sharply on fears that central banks will start tapering their emergency Covid-19 support packages, despite slowing growth in the world economy. In London, the FTSE 100 fell by mo...

Support for drug users on probation in England and Wales ‘not good enough’

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Offenders in England and Wales who are supervised in the community are not receiving enough help to tackle drug misuse, and specialist programmes for identifying at-risk users of drugs have “withered on the vine”, a w...

‘Short and not especially sweet’: Lindsey Graham called Biden over Trump support

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The South Carolina Republican senator Lindsey Graham called Joe Biden after his victory over Donald Trump to tell the president he only joined attacks on his son, Hunter Biden, as a “bare minimum” to satisfy Trump sup...

"No tuviste mucho apoyo": Los estudiantes de nivel A comparten sus experiencias

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Las escuelas de todo el Reino Unido celebran los resultados de los exámenes sin precedentes, después de casi 45% de las entradas de nivel A obtuvieron las mejores calificaciones. Cinco estudiantes de nivel A le cuentan a The Guardian sobre los desafíos de estudiar en un año diferente..

The support group at the heart of Belarus’s sporting resistance

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When Belarusian officials tried to muzzle sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya and bundle her on a flight back to Minsk, a special organisation defending Belarusian athletes against repression stepped in to help. The Bela...

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