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Afghanistan to restart polio vaccination programme with Taliban support

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Afghanistan will restart nationwide polio vaccinations after more than three years, as the new Taliban government agreed to assist the campaign and to allow women to participate as frontline workers, the UN said on Mo...

‘We have to better support women’: MP leading the fight on menopause

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Carolyn Harris remembers hearing her mother and aunties talking about “the change”. She was told to make a cup of tea and sent out of the room. “I was 36!” hoots the Labour MP for Swansea East. “Later I said to my mum...

Energy crisis: UK government will only support firms on brink of closure

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Heavy industry struggling with surging energy costs will only get support if they can prove they have been pushed to the brink of closure, Whitehall sources have said, as industry leaders warned that the package sound...

IMF says Covid support has left world open to new financial crisis

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The emergency support provided by central banks and finance ministries during the Covid-19 pandemic has fuelled speculation and left the world vulnerable to another financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund ha...

Tory councillor in Worthing suspended over alleged support of far right

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The Conservative party has suspended a councillor and is investigating allegations that he has been a secret supporter of a far-right organisation. Tim Wills, a borough councillor in Worthing, West Sussex, is alleged ...

Shipping firms vow to cut emissions if governments support low-carbon tech

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The global shipping industry has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by mid-century – but only if governments impose a mandatory levy on shipping fuel to fund the development of new low-carbon technolog...

Need support levelling up, prime minister? Let Manchester help you

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Die naweek, we welcome the prime minister and his government to Manchester and we do so with a big, positive offer: we can help you define – and deliver – levelling up. If Conservative delegates want evidence of our...

Reintroducing wolves to UK could hit rewilding support, expert says

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Demands to reintroduce predators such as wolves and bears could significantly damage public support for rewilding the British countryside, a senior conservationist has said. Francesca Osowska, chief executive of Natur...

Livestock industry lobbying UN to support more meat production

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Livestock groups have been lobbying the UN to support more meat and dairy production before a high-profile summit on food sustainability, documents reveal.Most experts agree that livestock are responsible for at least...

Veterane in die grootste kaserne in die Verenigde Koninkryk loop die risiko om ondersteuning vir geestesgesondheid te verloor

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Kwesbare veterane van oorloë in Afghanistan en Irak wat in ondersteunde behuising in die grootste kaserne van die Verenigde Koninkryk woon, gaan hulp verloor met geestesgesondheidsprobleme, veroorsaak vrees vir terugkeer na haweloosheid en verlore lewe..

Pro-Putin party wins majority in Russian elections despite declining support

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Russia’s ruling United Russia party, which supports president Vladimir Putin, retained its majority in parliament after a three-day election and a sweeping crackdown on its critics, despite losing around one fifth of ...

Westminster Tories ondersteun die SNP in Skotland

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Jou hoofartikel (Die Guardian -siening oor die SNP: openbare dienste lewer, nie net 'n referendum nie, 13 September) maak 'n paar belangrike punte oor die rekord van die SNP in Skotland, maar jy gooi ook 'n paar rooi h in..

‘It takes too long to get support’: alarm over rising primary school exclusions

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Sam Bates* was excluded from school for the first time when he was five years old. After moving into year 1, he struggled to sit still, became frustrated with staff and pushed chairs over. He was sent home for one day...

‘No support’: domestic abuse survivors on feeling ignored by police

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Women who have suffered domestic abuse have described feeling ignored by police, whom they accuse of failing to protect them from violence. On the day a police watchdog said that preventing violence against women and ...

US poverty fell in 2020 as government support offset pandemic damage

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US poverty fell in 2020, evidence that government aid can lift millions of Americans out of poverty – even in a global health and economic crisis. The first months of 2020 were marked by unemployment levels unseen sin...

Hoe besluit u watter sokkerspan u as neutraal sal ondersteun??

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Vir my, 11 Julie 2021 sal in die geskiedenis opgaan. Nie as die datum van die Engelse mans se voetbalspan se eerste groot eindstryd sedertdien nie 1966, maar die eerste keer as volwassene het ek Engeland ondersteun in 'n groot toernooi. Sedert 1980, Ek ...

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