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Commons row prompts fresh warnings over Christmas alcohol supplies

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Alcoholic drinks companies have issued fresh warnings that the Christmas supply of wine, spirits and beer could be disrupted, after the government refused to provide an update on efforts to resolve the shortage of HGV...

Weatherwatch: when the wind drops – keeping renewable energy supplies steady

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When the weather is calm, wind turbines stop turning. That’s obvious, but as the UK increasingly relies on wind power generation, so an energy crunch looms if the wind doesn’t blow.One way to smooth out the vagaries o...

Hamleys reassures over Christmas supplies as it reveals top toy predictions

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Hamleys has said there will be plenty of toys to buy in its stores this Christmas, as it unveiled its top toy predictions for 2021 – a list that includes a “magic” cauldron and the latest in Lego’s tie-up with Super M...

UK confident on winter energy supplies; firms hit by higher prices and lack of hauliers – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie

Booksellers warn over Christmas supplies amid UK lorry driver shortage

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Publishers and retailers have warned of potential delays on Christmas books as the shortage of lorry drivers affects deliveries. Waterstones, the UK’s biggest high street bookseller, said it had upped stocks of books ...

Gordon Brown hits out at EU’s ‘neocolonial approach’ to Covid vaccine supplies

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Gordon Brown has accused the EU of adopting a “neocolonial approach” to the supply of Covid-19 vaccines and demanded rich western nations relinquish their stranglehold on pandemic treatments. The former UK prime mini...

UK food worker shortages push prices up and risk Christmas turkey supplies

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Food prices could rise by about 5% by the autumn – and turkeys and pigs in blankets could be in short supply this Christmas – as shortages of delivery drivers, abattoir staff and other workers drive up pay and other c...

Climate crisis to hit Europe’s coffee and chocolate supplies

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Coffee and chocolate supplies in Europe soon could be disrupted by the climate crisis as droughts hit producer countries, according to a study. The research also found a high vulnerability for palm oil imports, used i...

Raheem Sterling supplies catharsis in England’s sun-kissed reemergence

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E, breathe. It was tight, slow-burn and even a little angsty at times. But as the final whistle blew a great rolling cheer came crackling around Wembley’s vast open tiers from a 18,497 crowd drunk on sun, drunk on E...

Building crisis looms as dwindling supplies bring sites grinding to a halt

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By tradition, the wits of every construction apprentice are tested with two errands early on in their career: to ask the foreman first for some tartan paint and then a long weight. The joke is ringing even more hollow...

India Covid crisis: first US relief supplies arrive as cases hit new record

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The first US emergency aid to India has arrived as the country battles a devastating surge in Covid-19 cases which has overwhelmed hospitals and crematoriums. A Super Galaxy military transporter carrying more than 400...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: emergency supplies from US arrive in India; UK cuts international aid by almost a third

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Vaccine offered to all over 40s in England; first US Covid emergency aid supplies arrive in India; UK temporarily reduces international aid from £14.5bn to £10bn

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: UK-donated ventilators and oxygen supplies arrive in India

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WHO chief describes situation in India as ‘beyond heartbreaking’; Thailand suffers record deaths; Japan to open mass vaccination centre in Tokyo

Indian expansion of Covid vaccine drive may further strain supplies

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India has announced it will soon open its vaccination programme to every adult in response to soaring Covid-19 infections – a measure that could further strain supplies in parts of the world reliant on Indian-made vac...

African health workers left without Covid jabs as paltry supplies dwindle

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Millions of healthcare workers in sub-Saharan Africa continue to risk their lives to fight Covid-19 as authorities across the continent struggle to obtain and distribute vaccines to frontline medical staff. Though hun...

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