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Northern Italy drought threatens olive oil, risotto rice and passata supplies

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Supplies of olive oil, risotto rice and passata are under threat as northern Italy suffers its worst drought in 70 years, stirring up the cost of living crisis further. Specialist importers are preparing for price ris...

Europe at risk of recession amid concerns Russia could cut gas supplies

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Europe faces a rising risk of recession because of rising oil and gas prices amid concerns that Russia could turn off supplies completely, economists have said. Europe’s economy will be hit by a variety of factors inc...

US accuses Russia of weaponising food in Ukraine crisis and holding global supplies ‘hostage’

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The United States has accused Russia of holding the world’s food supply hostage amid growing fears of famine in developing countries, as a former Russian president warned that the Kremlin would not release vital grain...

Baby formula shortages hit stores across US with some rationing supplies

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Stores across the US have started to ration baby formula while some others are reporting increasing shortages. The nationwide shortage in baby formula comes two months after a huge manufacturer recall which occurred a...

Sri Lanka faces medical emergency as economic crisis hits drug supplies

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Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has deteriorated into a medical crisis, with the top medical union declaring a national health emergency over a life-threatening shortage of drugs. On Tuesday the country’s most powerful t...

Military supplies depleted on both sides but Russia retains advantage

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It has been a month since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, and such has been the intensity of the first phase of the fighting that both sides in the conflict have increasingly depleted their stocks of ammuniti...

Russian invaders have three days of supplies left, says Ukraine military

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Russian forces have only three further days of fuel, food and ammunition left to conduct the war after a breakdown in their supply chains, Ukrainian military commanders have alleged. The claims of major shortages were...

Fertiliser prices hit new highs as multiple problems affect global supplies

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Fertiliser prices have broken new records as global supplies are hit by multiple factors including reduced supplies from Russia and Belarus, disruptions to the supply chain, a China export ban and a Canadian rail stri...

Ukraine crisis: how you can help from the UK by donating cash and supplies

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As the conflict in Ukraine unfolds on your television screen, you may be wondering what you can do to help those caught up in it. Here’s a guide to how you can make a difference. Earlier this week, the Disasters Emerg...

Ukraine war prompts European reappraisal of its energy supplies

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Vladimir Putin is using Russia’s hold over fossil fuel supplies to Europe as “a political and economic weapon” in the war in Ukraine, the world’s foremost energy adviser has said, presenting western governments with c...

Australian grain prices set to rise as Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupts global supplies

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Wheat growers in Australia could experience a lift in prices if Black Sea supplies become unavailable due to the Ukraine crisis, but experts warn the country’s ability to meet increased demand will depend on shifting ...

How will Russia’s assault on Ukraine affect UK gas supplies?

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With Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine under way, the Kremlin’s grip on the gas taps and pipelines that supply heat and electricity to millions of homes and businesses in Europe is all too apparent. Gas is already ...

Weatherwatch: when the wind drops – keeping renewable energy supplies steady

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When the weather is calm, wind turbines stop turning. That’s obvious, but as the UK increasingly relies on wind power generation, so an energy crunch looms if the wind doesn’t blow.One way to smooth out the vagaries o...

UK confident on winter energy supplies; firms hit by higher prices and lack of hauliers – business live

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