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UK school uniform supplier warns of Covid-related shortages

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Families are being warned of potential school uniform shortages as the supply of blazers and PE kits is interrupted by coronavirus-related production and transport delays. The school uniform market is the latest to be...

Sanjeev Gupta’s Jaguar Land Rover supplier asks for time to talk to buyers

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Part of Sanjeev Gupta’s metal empire that faces the threat of administration has asked its bankers to give it time to try to negotiate with four potential buyers. It is understood that Liberty Aluminium Technologies, ...

Primark supplier reportedly locks workers in factory to stop their anti-coup protest in Myanmar

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Garment workers in Myanmar who produce clothing for Primark were locked inside their factory by supervisors who tried to prevent them from joining anti-coup protests, testimonies given to the Guardian claim. Workers e...

Covid test kit supplier joked to Hancock on WhatsApp he had ‘never heard of him

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Exclusive: chat suggests Alex Bourne may have downplayed links with health secretary in publicThe former neighbour of Matt Hancock who is supplying the NHS with millions of Covid test tubes joked to the health secreta...

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