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Why do the super-rich treat affordable housing in the Bronx as a lucrative asset class?

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In New York, some things never change. If you die in a fire, it’s always your fault. When a fire started in a heater and ripped down the hallway of an apartment building in December 1998, killing four people in a blas...

I’m a therapist to the super-rich: they are are as miserable as Succession makes out

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If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard the term “first world problems”, my bank account would look similar to those of my clients. I work as a psychotherapist and my specialism is ultra-high net worth individuals...

Dead & Beautiful review – slick vampire drama gets its fangs into the super-rich

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Black Mirror meets Succession in this arthouse-y psychological vampire drama, the story of five super-rich millennials – the bored, entitled offspring of global billionaires – who become vampires. The satirical dig he...

Succession actor ‘demanded character took stand against super-rich family’

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Actor James Cromwell says he demanded his character on Succession take a moral stand against his unscrupulous, ultra-rich family – and hopes the hit show does not normalise the abuses of power and privilege as The App...

Azor review – eerie conspiracy thriller about the complacency of the super-rich

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Pure evil is all around in this unnervingly subtle, sophisticated movie; an eerie oppression in the air. Andreas Fontana is a Swiss director making his feature debut with this conspiracy drama-thriller, shot with a ki...

The super-rich, ‘sissy boys’, celebs – all targets in Xi’s bid to end cultural difference

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Since the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist party (CCP) aan 1 Julie, political edicts have been flowing out of Beijing. President Xi Jinping declared that China’s economy would now work to provide “common prosp...

New Order review – a brutally unforgiving attack on Mexico’s super-rich

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Michel Franco’s film-making has always had an edge of cold steel; here again is his icy stab and lacerating chill. New Order is an ordeal nightmare, imagining a violent uprising against Mexico’s super-rich. Connoisseu...

‘It’s satisfying to learn the wealthy have problems’: why is reality TV obsessed with the super-rich?

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In the first episode of reality TV show Bling Empire, heiress Anna Shay commits to an excursion so globe-straddlingly audacious it would make Greta Thunberg weep. Los Angeles resident Anna asks a friend and her object...