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‘Science superpower’ plan risks making UK bureaucracy superpower, dice compañero

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Britain’s plan to become a “science and technology superpower” is so lacking in focus and so full of new organisational structures that the country risks becoming a “bureaucracy superpower” instead, an influential cro...

Boris Johnson’s survival superpower can only last so long

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Long before Partygate, Boris Johnson was known among colleagues for the superpower of survival: the extraordinary ability to shrug off setbacks that led his Eton contemporary, David Cameron, to liken him to a greased ...

Sarcastic superpower: why Bill Murray is the perfect Marvel villain

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Bill Murray’s confirmation that he is to play an unnamed villain in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania isn’t the first time a prestigious star has deigned to join the weird world of Marvel. Glenn Close tur...

The UK will never become a ‘science superpowerif it’s cutting research budgets

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A principios de esta semana, the government put science at the heart of its strategy for the UK’s place in the world. In its integrated review, it argued that cutting-edge science and strong leadership from the UK could make a ...