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UK supermarket prices ‘to rise by 5%’ as supply chain costs increase

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Shoppers can expect to see a 5% rise in supermarket prices in the coming weeks – with a potential second wave of increases in the new year – as retailers and suppliers pass on higher supply chain costs. David Sables, ...

'N Oomblik wat my verander het: die eerste keer dat ek in 'n supermarkblik gesoek het

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Die eerste keer het ek my kop in 'n asblik agter die Tesco in die middestad van Durham gesteek, verby 10 jare terug, dit het heel onverwags gebeur. Ek het wakker geword in die universiteitsbiblioteek se kafee. My dutjie tussen lesings het ....

UK supermarket shoppers hit by price rises amid supply crisis

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Supermarket prices have risen 1.3% hierdie maand, marking a significant increase in grocery price inflation as supply chain difficulties begin to affect shoppers. Price rises were most significant in savoury snacks, cat ...

New Zealand to consider law change in wake of Auckland supermarket terrorist attack

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New Zealand’s cabinet ministers will meet today to discuss whether any law changes are needed after a terrorist stabbed shoppers in an Auckland supermarket last week. The country had tried for years to deport Ahamed A...

Snake shocks Sydney shoppers by slithering along supermarket spice shelf

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A three-metre-long python has surprised shoppers in a Sydney supermarket by slithering along a shelf in the spice section with a Woolworths spokesperson saying it was a “slippery and rare customer”. “Only in Australia...

Rogue Hostage review – action thriller as cheesy as a supermarket dairy aisle

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When you think about, it’s obvious why there are so many enclosed-space hostage thrillers: they’re pretty cheap to make. Location shooting is expensive, but all you need here is your he-man, an assortment of hostages ...

Russian supermarket faces backlash after pulling lesbian couple advert

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An upmarket Russian supermarket chain has issued a public apology after it posted an advert featuring a lesbian couple who shopped at its store. VkusVill’s decision to pull the ad has provoked an angry backlash from M...

Apollo considering offer for Morrisons after supermarket accepts Fortress’s £6.3bn bid – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Supermarket groups Tesco and Carrefour to end three-year alliance

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Tesco and the French supermarket group Carrefour have announced the end of a three-year alliance that was meant to lead to greater choice and lower prices for customers. The purchasing agreement between the two retail...

New Zealand stabbing: four injured in attack at Dunedin supermarket

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Four people have been injured, three critically, after a stabbing attack at a supermarket in the New Zealand city of Dunedin. Police said a suspect had been arrested and taken into custody after the incident at a Coun...

Dunedin stabbing: Five injured in attack at New Zealand supermarket

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Five people have been injured, three critically, after a stabbing attack at a supermarket in the New Zealand city of Dunedin. Police said a suspect had been arrested and taken into custody after the incident at a Coun...

Parking mad: UK man completes mission to park in every spot at local supermarket

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A man has completed a six-year challenge to park in every car parking space at his local Sainsbury’s. Gareth Wild, 39, from Bromley, south-east London, said he decided to take on the challenge after noticing his prefe...

Supermarket and care staff in London could get key worker access to housing

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Supermarket and care staff could be added to the list of key workers in London to give them preferential access to cheaper housing, as part of a new post-pandemic settlement being considered by the mayor of London, Sa...

Supermarket ‘bags for life’ must cost more to cut plastic use, urge campaigners

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Green campaigners have urged higher prices for so-called bags for life after dramatic sales increases at some retailers since the ending of sales of single-use plastic carrier bags. Punte & Spencer sold six times ...

Police seek mother of baby found dead in Wolverhampton supermarket car park

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West Midlands police are urgently trying to locate the mother of a newborn baby found dead in a supermarket car park. A member of the public discovered the baby on Sunday morning in a Morrisons car park in Bilston, Wo...

'Hulle gee nie om nie': Amerikaanse supermarkketting sluit winkels na reël vir gevaarbetaling

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Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the US which makes hundred of millions of dollars in profits, is shutting down grocery stores and laying off scores of employees in response to local hazard pay rules for essen...

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