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Is Superman Circumcised? wins oddest book title of the year award

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Is Superman Circumcised?, a study of the superhero’s Jewish influences, has resoundingly won the competition to be named “oddest book title of the year”. The Diagram prize, which is run by The Bookseller magazine and...

Is Superman Circumcised? favourite to win Oddest book title of the year

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An examination of the Jewish origins of the Man of Steel, Is Superman Circumcised?, is vying with an up-to-date look at camel milk and related camel goods, Handbook of Research on Health and Environmental Benefits of ...

Colbert says new Superman motto got people angry – ‘it’s the American way’

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With several late-night programs on holiday, Stephen Colbert returned from a week off to discuss “major news about the most powerful man in the world”. That would be Superman, whose maker, DC Comics, announced a new ...

DC Comics swaps Superman motto ‘the American way’ with ‘a Better Tomorrow’

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Following the revelations that the new DC Comics version of Superman is bisexual, the company has now gone a step further and said it would be removing the phrase “American way” as part of the Man of Steel’s mantra. T ...

As Covid cases in France surge, Macron’s superman image is fading fast

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France is in a “race against time” against Covid-19, Emmanuel Macron declared in a television broadcast this week. In an attempt to curb France’s soaring Covid case numbers, Macron has imposed a national lockdown, ext...

Slade guitarist Dave Hill: ‘I’d come out of work, put on my costume and suddenly I’d be Superman!'

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It’s half a century since glam rock first dazzled Britain, and Slade had their first hit, Get Down and Get With It. All four members of the original lineup are alive and kicking, but Dave Hill is now the only one who ...