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世界最高のデザート: 10 素晴らしいパブロバ–ピーチメルバから美しいバノフィーまで

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1920年代にロシアのバレリーナアンナパヴロワがオーストラリアとニュージーランドを訪れたとき, 彼女は世界最高のプリンを受賞しました. パブロバの影響–ホイップクリームをトッピングしたメレンゲの巨大なディスク。.

Here We Are review –イスラエルの自閉症ドラマにおける素晴らしいパフォーマンスと洞察

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感動的だが感情的ではない, このイスラエルのドラマは、人や場所について非常に具体的にすることで、映画の物語が逆説的により普遍的になる方法の完璧な例です。. それは間の激しい関係を探ります。.

John McGinn’s superb volley rescues point for Scotland against Austria

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It should be to Scotland’s advantage that revelling in past achievements is not Steve Clarke’s style. After an absence from finals stretching back to 1998, progression to this summer’s European Championship was met wi...

Coppelia: A Mystery review – superb adventure veers from sweet to sinister

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Who knew there was a Victorian village round the back of the New Vic? Where you thought there was just a car park and a 1980s edifice, there are now shop windows stuffed with antiquarian books, caged birds and jars of...

ニューヨーク, ニューヨーク, New York review: superb reflections on a city resurgent

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This is a big book, 425 pages before the notes, about the big changes that transformed New York over the last five decades: spiritually, by making it “more like America and less like what it had always been”, and phys...

The Afghanistan Papers review: superb exposé of a war built on lies

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の夏に 2009, the latest in a long line of US military commanders in Afghanistan commissioned the latest in a long line of strategic reviews, in the perennial hope it would make enough of a difference to allo...

Sam Braysher Trio: Dance Little Lady, Dance Little Man review – superb serpentine sax

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I can’t think of another alto saxophonist with a sound quite like Sam Braysher’s. Critics have compared him to Paul Desmond and other light-toned players, but they all have at least a touch of vibrato, whereas from Br...

Bird of the year 2021: superb fairy-wren crowned winner of Australia’s favourite #BirdOfTheYear poll – live

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The final 10 birds in contention in the Guardian/BirdLife Australia poll were the Australian magpie, gang-gang cockatoo, regent honeyeater, Australian brush turkey, Gouldian finch, superb fairywren, galah, tawny frogm...

Louis Rees-Zammit doubles up as superb Gloucester rout Northampton

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It is not supposed to be like this. No relegation is meant to leave those losers languishing at the bottom of the table with nothing to play for. No jeopardy, no point. Nobody told Gloucester. The Premiership’s 10th-p...

Chelsea stay top after Ben Chilwell’s superb strike keeps Brentford at bay

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It was no exaggeration to describe it as a siege. Chelsea had led through Ben Chilwell’s lovely finish on the stroke of half-time but it was Brentford who asked all the questions – with increasing urgency – as a pulsa...

Devon Conway’s superb debut century puts New Zealand on top in first Test

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Test cricket’s return to Lord’s after a near two-year hiatus was a day to be savoured by the 6,500 or so spectators who sat dotted around the white stands like sprinkles on a 99 Flake. And for the three debutants on s...

The Power of the Dog review – Jane Campion’s superb gothic western is mysterious and menacing

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Jane Campion’s first feature film in more than 10 years is a western gothic psychodrama: mysterious, malicious, with a lethal ending that creeps up behind you like a thief. Campion devotees will enjoy the scenes in wh...

トーマス・アデス 50 レビュー–素晴らしい誕生日のお祝いで古いものと新しいもの

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トーマス・アデスが転向 50 3月, 年間を通してコンサートや初演が行われる誕生日–おそらく最も有名なのはフルレングスのバレエThe Dante Project, ウェイン・マクレガー振付, 株式会社で。.

Best of Enemiesのレビュー– JamesGrahamによるメディアと政治に関する優れた研究

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ジェームズ・グラハムは極めて重要な政治的瞬間を専門としています. この家は、サッチャー首相につながる議会の部門を再現しました 1979, インクはルパート・マードックの選挙上の重要性をプレビューしました 196...

Sneh Rana’s superb rearguard effort denies England as India dig in for draw

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India secured a draw in the one-off Test here, batting out the whole of the fourth day to finish on 344 for eight, frustrating England’s hopes of pulling off a first Test win at home in 16 年. An astonishing reargu...


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