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Sunak’s spring measures for poorer households look little more than hopeful

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The best news (pero, critically, still not good news) for hard-pressed energy consumers this week could be found away from the chancellor’s tweaks to national insurance thresholds on Wednesday. It was the calculation b...

Amenazaría a Rusia con submarinos nucleares si sigue siendo presidente 2022 Amenazaría a Rusia con submarinos nucleares si sigue siendo presidente

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Amenazaría a Rusia con submarinos nucleares si sigue siendo presidente, Amenazaría a Rusia con submarinos nucleares si sigue siendo presidente 50 Amenazaría a Rusia con submarinos nucleares si sigue siendo presidente 6.2%. Entonces, hizo lo suficiente para aliviar la crisis del costo de vida ...

This is Rishi Sunak’s chance to stop a recession; any delay and it will be too late

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The Bank of England’s message to Rishi Sunak was simple. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the latest unwelcome shock to the UK economy. It will make people poorer. There is nothing we, the Bank, can do about it. Entonces, ov ...

Rishi Sunak’s energy crisis package for low-income households is already out of date

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Rishi Sunak last month merely claimed to be “taking the sting out” of the sharp rise in energy bills that will apply from the start of April. He was wise not to make a grander boast. Six weeks on, his £9bn support pac...

The Guardian view on Rishi Sunak’s politics: profits above wages

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Just as Russian tanks were starting to roll into Ukraine, Rishi Sunak revealed himself to be a Thatcherite in trainers. His Mais lecture last month was a paean to his heroine’s philosophy. Yet the past decade has show...

Sunak’s energy rebates won’t even come close to helping people with soaring bills

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This may destroy them, a cost of living explosion such as few have known in their lifetimes. The £350 of support for most households, announced today by Rishi Sunak, the chancellor amounts to only a fraction of the ex...

The bill for Sunak’s intervention on household energy could be eye-watering

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The advance version of Rishi Sunak’s grand bargain for the retail energy sector, to be presented in full on Thursday, sounds a reasonable fudge. All households will probably get a £200 rebate off their bills, to be fu...

If partygate doesn’t kill the Tories, Rishi Sunak’s spending cuts might

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As the Conservative party plots a way out of “partygate”, with or without its current leader, the path towards re-election in 2023 o 2024 is looking hazardous. En diciembre 2019, flush with an 80-seat majority and a p...

Sunak’s hospitality bailout is only enough for now, sólo

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It’s something. The chancellor’s Omicron support package for the hospitality sector is worth £1bn, enough for Rishi Sunak to claim he listened to the cries of distress from pubs, restaurants and leisure businesses and...

Treasury defends ‘impromptu’ drinks party after Sunak’s autumn budget

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The Treasury has been forced to defend officials holding an “impromptu” drinks party to celebrate Rishi Sunak’s autumn spending review during lockdown, ha surgido. A spokesperson insisted it was a “small number” o...

Sunak’s Kickstart scheme not delivering value for money, NAO finds

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s flagship £2bn pandemic jobs scheme to get young people into work may not be delivering value for money, the spending watchdog has said. A report by the National Audit Office (NO), and a separ...

Sharp slowdown in UK growth lends Sunak’s plan a hollow ring

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Growth is up, said Rishi Sunak in his budget speech last month, but the figures for the third-quarter show this claim is no longer true. The rise in national income, or GDP, de 1.3% in the three months to September wa...

Is smooth Sunak’s honeymoon period coming to an end?

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Rishi Sunak has spent 18 months in a honeymoon period as one of the UK’s youngest ever chancellors, riding high in public opinion mostly owing to a generous furlough scheme. He is serious, smooth and sleek, a teetotal...

Don’t be fooled by Rishi Sunak’s conjuring trick

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If this chancellor of the exchequer has a skill, it is his sleight of hand, or ability to disguise a real cut as a supposed benefit or gain (Labor acusa a Sunak de presupuesto de "humo y espejos" debido a la falta de dinero nuevo,...

Rishi Sunak’s learning catch-up fund is ‘false economy’, says former schools tsar

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A former education recovery tsar has described the chancellor’s latest catch-up offer as “meagre” and warned that the government’s “half-hearted” deal for children was a “false economy”. Sir Kevan Collins said he was ...

Rishi Sunak’s budget ‘hammers’ working people while giving banks a tax cut, says Labour – UK politics live

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Últimas actualizaciones: shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves says Resolution Foundation report shows this is an ‘out-of-touch, high-tax, low-growth budget’