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The Guardian view on Rishi Sunak’s speech: levelling down

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One of the lessons that leading Brexiters learned from the 2016 referendum was that brazen opportunism can pay off handsomely. A Eurosceptic movement born in the more arcane reaches of the Conservative right, committe...

Die toespraak van Rishi Sunak bied gemoedelike musiek, maar min ekonomiese vleis

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Na 18 months of opening the state’s chequebook to pay for the huge economic cost of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Conservative party finally got a taste of the real Rishi Sunak in his speech to its annual conference. ...

Sunak’s stamp duty holiday hard to square with ’levelling up’ rhetoric

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Rishi Sunak’s approval ratings tell their own story. The chancellor’s stock is high, because the Treasury’s furlough scheme has limited the job losses from the pandemic. But while Sunak has had a much better crisis th...

Sunak’s relief over rising UK employment may be short-lived

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Rishi Sunak is too savvy an operator to declare victory in the battle against unemployment because the past 18 months have shown that the unexpected can happen, and often does. Yet while noting that there could still ...

Taylor Wimpey profits show what a waste Sunak’s stamp duty giveaway was

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From where Rishi Sunak sits, he might regard Taylor Wimpey’s bumper set of first-half figures as a triumph of policy-making. The chancellor threw subsidies at the housing market during the pandemic in the form of stam...

Sunak’s letter to PM puts desire to crack down on Covid subsidies on record

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Last August, it was “eat out to help out”, launched by a beaming and maskless chancellor in Wagamama on London’s South Bank, carrying plates of noodles to nonplussed customers. Hierdie jaar, it’s “fly out to help out”. W...

Tory rebels threaten to vote down Rishi Sunak’s foreign aid cuts

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Rishi Sunak is facing a tight vote on his £4bn cut to the foreign aid budget on Tuesday, with rebel Tories threatening to join with Labour to vote down the change. The government backed down on allowing a vote after t...

The Guardian view on Sunak’s spending: time to rip up the March budget

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Last week the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, claimed in a TV interview that the government cash being spent to keep the economy running during the pandemic was not his money to spend but the viewers’ money. The subtext was ...

Rishi Sunak’s billionaire in-laws hit with £5.5m bill in Amazon India tax dispute

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A joint venture between Rishi Sunak’s billionaire in-laws and the internet retailing giant Amazon is in a multimillion-pound dispute with the Indian tax authorities, a Guardian investigation has found. The disclosure ...

‘Not Emily in Paris, you monster!’ What Rishi Sunak’s taste in TV reveals

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Politicians should be banned from divulging their pop culture picks to the public. What purpose does it serve? Does it make them more attractive to voters? I hope not. Imagine meeting anyone whose voting criterion was...

A prized UK biotech firm looks to Wall Street, much to Rishi Sunak’s dismay

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A glowing, Deliveroo-style tribute from Rishi Sunak will not be required for this flotation. Vaccitech, the Oxford-based firm that owns some of the key biotechnology behind the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, is off to New...

Contested grants to hidden cuts: how ‘Scrooge’ Sunak’s shine faded

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Grants to ministers’ seats and plans to axe spending and lift taxes marred the chancellor’s post-Covid packageRichmond’s cobbled market square is quiet compared to the bustling Saturday mornings of pre-lockdown times,...

The Observer view on Rishi Sunak’s ‘generous’ budget

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The word “generous” was liberally peppered through the chancellor’s budget speech last Wednesday. Rishi Sunak has gone out of his way to portray himself as the nation’s benefactor, ensuring that hard-pressed individua...

Martin Rowson on Rishi Sunak’s budget backlashcartoon

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Amazon could be a big winner of Rishi Sunak’s investment tax break

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Amazon could “entirely wipe out” the tax bill of its main UK service company by taking advantage of the chancellor’s £25bn “super-deduction” tax break, according to analysis by a tax fairness campaign group. The super...

Sunak’s budget was great for estate agents, but it did nothing for generation rent

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At the wicked heart of both household and national finances is housing. It is the great social divide, the chasm between the perilously insecure and the asset-rich. Housing burns away private renters’ ability to live ...

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