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Rishi Sunak announces £5bn windfall tax on energy firms

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Rishi Sunak has announced a £15bn package of support for households struggling with the cost of living crisis, part-funded by a £5bn windfall tax on energy companies. The chancellor set out what he called a “significa...

Rishi Sunak reportedly considering windfall tax on electricity generators

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Rishi Sunak is reportedly considering imposing a wider windfall tax on electricity generators, as well as on oil and gas producers, that could bring in billions of pounds to help households struggling with soaring foo...

Reform cycle to work scheme so it can be used by lower-paid, Sunak urged

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Business and cycling groups have urged the government to reform its cycle to work scheme so it can be used by lower-paid and self-employed workers, arguing they are often the people who need it the most. Introduced mo...

Rishi Sunak faces Tory clamour to act now on cost of living crisis

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Tory MPs are piling pressure on Rishi Sunak to take decisive action to deal with the cost of living crisis with measures such as cutting VAT, increasing energy bill support and raising benefits, as inflation is foreca...

‘No options off the table’ as Rishi Sunak warms to windfall tax

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Rishi Sunak has said he is “pragmatic” about the idea of introducing a windfall tax on energy companies, insisting “no options are off the table”, in the latest hint that the government may be preparing fresh measures...

Rishi Sunak reportedly blocked from higher benefit rise by ageing IT system

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Rishi Sunak was reportedly blocked from raising some benefits to help them keep pace with spiralling inflation as a result of out-of-date government IT systems. The chancellor was said to have wanted to help those in ...

Sunak urged to issue green bonds with higher returns if climate goals missed

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Rishi Sunak is being urged to issue a new generation of green bonds that would offer higher returns to investors if the UK government fails to hit its climate change targets. The Social Market Foundation (SMF) said it...

Sunak would do well to retain option of windfall tax on oil and gas profits

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“We’re a cash machine at these types of prices,” Bernard Looney, BP’s chief executive, cheerfully declared last November when the price of a barrel of Brent fetched $85 (£60). Now a barrel costs $105, so it’s safe to ...

Rishi Sunak hints at U-turn on UK oil and gas windfall tax

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Rishi Sunak has opened the door to a windfall tax on oil and gas companies despite previously dismissing the policy, as Labour accused the government of burying its head in the sand over spiralling bills. The chancell...

Sunak cleared in investigation into family’s tax affairs

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Rishi Sunak has been cleared of breaching the ministerial code over his wife’s tax affairs, in a report by the cabinet’s ethics adviser, Señor Geidt. The chancellor asked the adviser on ministerial interests to look in...

Time for Rishi Sunak to get serious about helping with energy bills

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Rishi Sunak’s first attempt to “take the sting out” of rising household energy bills was a bits-and-pieces £9bn support package that seemed to rest on the idea that the crisis would go away soon. The giveaway in the t...

Farewell, Rishi Sunak, parliament’s Icarus who has finally crash-landed

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When the Times last put Rishi Sunak on the cover of its Saturday magazine, en agosto 2020, it used a picture that was almost normal. There stood the chancellor behind a green leather chair, wearing a navy suit and pur...

Martin Rowson on Barnacle Boris and Sticky Sunak – cartoon

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If Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak took lie detector tests, what would they tell us?

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It’s a heady time in politics, when so much of our debate centres on what it means to lie. If Boris Johnson didn’t think he was at a party, yet others at the party did, is that a lie? If Rishi Sunak comes out studs fi...

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak fined for breaking lockdown laws

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Boris Johnson y Rishi Sunak recibirán avisos de multas fijas por violar las leyes de Covid después de una investigación policial sobre las fiestas de Downing Street durante el cierre, leading to calls for them both to resign. In an unpr...

Sunak ‘completely out of touch’ on everyday struggles, dice Starmer

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Keir Starmer has accused Rishi Sunak of “rank hypocrisy” and questioned the ability of super-rich politicians to relate to the public as No 10 came under pressure to reveal if any other ministers had used schemes to a...

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