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Sunak announces alcohol duty ‘radical simplification’ in autumn budget – video

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Taxes on drinks including beer, wine and cider will be slashed in a move announced by Rishi Sunak during the budget on Wednesday.The chancellor said the UK’s system of alcohol duty, whose roots date back to 1643, was ...

The day that could define Rishi Sunak – podcast

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He has risen smoothly from private schooling to Oxford, the City, and then parliament – and now he is a youthful and popular chancellor who many believe will be the next prime minister. How has Rishi Sunak managed it ...

Rishi Sunak will use budget to declare ‘age of optimism’

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Rishi Sunak will use his budget to insist the UK is entering an economic “age of optimism” despite a looming cost-of-living crisis, after making a deluge of promises to spend billions more on health, transport and ski...

In his budget, Rishi Sunak will say the UK needs to cut spending. Don’t believe him

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After all the budget spending announcements Rishi Sunak has made in the run-up to the actual event tomorrow – on children’s services, regional transport, the minimum wage and public pay rises – you could be forgiven f...

Maandag inligtingsessie: Sunak accused of ‘smoke and mirors’

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Hallo, Warren Murray reporting for duty, and expecting to be with you at this time all week. Labour has accused Rishi Sunak of presiding over a “smoke and mirrors” budget. Op Sondag, Sunak conceded that of £7bn to be...

‘People will make the right judgments’: Rishi Sunak questioned about not wearing a mask – video

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The chancellor has refused to commit to wearing a mask inside a crowded House of Commons, as a leading government scientific adviser said ministers were mistaken to believe that vaccinations alone would keep Covid lev...

Sunak refuses to commit to wearing mask in crowded Commons

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Rishi Sunak has refused to commit to wearing a mask inside a crowded House of Commons, as a leading government scientific adviser said ministers were mistaken to believe that vaccinations alone would keep Covid levels...

Sunak criticised for failing to deliver on key infrastructure projects

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Labour has criticised Rishi Sunak for “lots of announcements and not much delivery” on infrastructure projects, as the chancellor conceded that of £7bn in this week’s budget for expanding regional transport links, onl...

Cost of flights to rise as Rishi Sunak prepares to raise air passenger duty

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Travellers to destinations including Australia, South Africa and Japan can expect to pay more to fly, as Rishi Sunak prepares to overhaul air passenger duty in next week’s budget to reflect the environmental damage wr...

Sunak to cut tax on banks to keep City competitive, say reports

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Rishi Sunak is preparing to announce a tax cut for Britain’s biggest banks at next week’s budget to maintain the competitiveness of the City of London after Brexit, according to reports, despite plans to raise taxes o...

UK’s net zero strategy has a glaring omission: Rishi Sunak

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Amid the hundreds of pages of the UK government’s comprehensive net zero strategy, there is one glaring omission – Rishi Sunak. The roadmap to end the nation’s contribution to the climate crisis by 2050 is comprehensi...

Sunak expected to confirm end to public sector pay freeze

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Rishi Sunak is set to confirm that the “pause” on public sector pay that affected 2.6 million teachers, police and civil servants will be lifted in April, as the economy bounces back from Covid. The chancellor imposed...

Sunak verlaag hulp vir ondernemings oor gaspryse, ondanks die vrees dat die bedryf kan stilhou - sake regstreeks

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Rishi Sunak urged to cut business rates to unlock billions in investment

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Employers’ groups representing more than a quarter of jobs in Britain have called on Rishi Sunak to cut business rates in the budget later this month to unlock billions of pounds of investment in the economy. In a joi...

Sunak ‘planning £2bn in cuts and the UK’s highest peacetime tax rate’

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Rishi Sunak is poised to usher in cuts worth £2bn for government departments tasked with meeting the Tories’ flagship “levelling up” agenda, despite planning for the biggest tax raid in a generation. The Institute for...

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