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Motion to oppose same-sex marriage forces rethink of Anglican summit

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The archbishop of Canterbury has been forced into a last-minute rethink of plans to ask Anglican bishops to oppose same-sex marriage when they meet this week for the first Lambeth conference – held in Canterbury – in ...

Biden tells summit of Arab leaders the US ‘will not walk away’ from Middle East

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Joe Biden, speaking at a summit of Arab leaders, said Saturday that the United States “will not walk away” from the Middle East as he tries to ensure stability in a volatile part of the world and boost the global flow...

The End of the Night review – Himmler’s secret summit with a Jewish leader

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In the dying days of the second world war, a secret meeting took place between the SS chief Heinrich Himmler and Norbert Masur, a German-born Swede and representative of the World Jewish Congress. Ben Brown bases this...

Ukraine tensions run high as Lavrov flies into Bali for G20 foreign ministers summit

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Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has flown into the Indonesian island of Bali for a gathering of G20 foreign ministers, which is likely to be overshadowed by Moscow’s war in Ukraine and deep divisions within the...

Put the planet before football, UN head of Cop15 nature summit tells leaders

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World leaders must not let the World Cup in Qatar distract them from a simultaneous nature summit, or they face being embarrassed by the outcome, the UN’s biodiversity chief has warned. This December, delegates will t...

Il marito dello stesso sesso del premier lussemburghese seduto accanto a Viktor Orbán al vertice

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Le dozzine di invitati erano sedute con cura lungo il lungo tavolo, fiancheggiato da colonne modellate in marmo di Bagnères e circondato da dipinti dello spagnolo Francisco de Goya. Come le foto della cena Nato a Spa...

Steve Bell on Liz Truss at Nato summit – cartoon

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UK calls for extra vigilance on China ahead of Nato summit

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Boris Johnson and his ministers are going into the Nato summit with fresh warnings that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has shown the need for extra vigilance and caution over potential Chinese action against Taiwan. ...

‘A bare-chested horseback ride’: Johnson and Trudeau mock Putin at G7 summit – video

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The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, has urged other world leaders to hold firm in their long-term support for Ukraine at G7 talks, amid increasing concern that some countries could become swayed by calls for Kyiv to...

Proposed price cap on Russian oil moves closer at G7 summit

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A proposed cap on the price of Russian oil and pipeline gas to slash the Kremlin’s revenues and reduce inflationary pressures in the west gathered support on Sunday as G7 leaders met in Bavaria. The three-day event wi...

Rwanda is a brutal, repressive regime. Holding the Commonwealth summit there is a sham

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Back when I was a reporter based in Africa in the 1990s, there were two organisations whose meetings regularly took place amid widespread media indifference: the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) and the Commonwealt...

Commonwealth leaders head to Rwanda for first summit since 2018

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Commonwealth leaders are heading for Rwanda this week for their first summit since 2018 and their first in Africa since 2007. The Commonwealth heads of government meeting (Chogm) is also the first to be hosted by a “n...

‘I had singular focus’: 30 years on from Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s Earth Summit speech

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Fidel Castro was there, along with George Bush, John Major and 100 other heads of state, billionaires and rock stars. But the biggest star of the 1992 Earth Summit was a young girl who delivered what would be known as...

‘Sleepwalking through extinction’: China urged to end delays to Cop15 summit

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China has been urged to name a date for a key UN nature summit this year, amid growing frustration with Beijing and concerns among experts that we are “sleepwalking through this cataclysmic climate extinction”. Dopo ...

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