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‘Sleepwalking through extinction’: China urged to end delays to Cop15 summit

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China has been urged to name a date for a key UN nature summit this year, amid growing frustration with Beijing and concerns among experts that we are “sleepwalking through this cataclysmic climate extinction”. Na ...

Indian climber dies in summit bid on Mount Kanchenjunga

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An Indian climber died has during a summit push on Mount Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountain, an official said. The death is the third to be reported on Nepal Himalayas during the current climbing season ...

Donderdag inligtingsessie: Zelenskiy hangs hopes on Ukraine triple summit

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Good morning to you. Warren Murray with the stories at the top of Thursday’s agenda. Today marks one month since the start of the Russian war against Ukraine. Shaun Walker writes that much still hangs in the balance: ...

UN ocean treaty summit collapses as states accused of dragging out talks

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UN member states have failed to agree on a treaty to protect the high seas from exploitation, with scientists, environmentalists and conservation organisations blaming states that were “dragging their feet” for the “g...

Plastic summit could be most important green deal since Paris accords, says UN

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World leaders will come together online and in Nairobi, Kenya, next week, in what is described as a “critical moment” in progress towards the first ever global treaty to combat plastic waste. Inger Andersen, regisseur ...

Cornish hotel ordered to demolish rooms built for G7 summit

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A Cornish beachside hotel that built nine meeting rooms without planning permission claiming they were needed for the G7 summit has been ordered to demolish them because they have caused “very significant harm” to the...

Xi-Putin summit: Russia inches closer to China as ‘new cold war’ looms

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When the leaders of China and Russia meet in Beijing this Friday shortly before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, observers of the bilateral relationship will be looking for insights into how this 21st cent...

UK high streets suffer from Omicron concerns; Davos summit postponed – business live

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Rolling live coverage of business, economics and financial markets as stock markets dip in response to restrictions to prevent spread of new coronavirus variant

Can Biden’s ‘divisive’ democracy summit deliver?

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Much of the advance commentary about Joe Biden’s two-day Summit for Democracy has been a diplomat’s version of a Charity Ball: long discussions about the guest list and how the guests will show up, and very little abo...

Russia expects urgent Ukraine talks with US after Biden-Putin summit

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The Kremlin has said it is expecting to begin a “discussion of strategic security on the continent” with the US after high-stakes talks between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden. The Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, om...

Biden and Putin make little headway in virtual summit

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Goeie more. Yesterday’s virtual summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin made little apparent headway in defusing the crisis over Ukraine in the wake of a Russian troop buildup, and instead delegated officials fr...

Biden and Putin make little apparent headway on Ukraine in virtual summit

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Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin held a virtual summit on Tuesday but made little apparent headway in defusing the crisis over Ukraine in the wake of a Russian troop build-up, and instead delegated officials from both cou...

China val 'Amerikaanse-styl-demokrasie' aan voor Biden-beraad

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China het 'n veldtog geloods om wat hy noem Amerikaanse-styl demokrasie te diskrediteer voor die eerste van Joe Biden se twee "beraad van demokrasie" later hierdie week. Oor die afgelope dae, amptelike Chinese media en diplo ...

UN shipping summit criticised for ‘dangerous’ delay on emissions plan

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A decision by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and its member states not to revise its emissions reduction strategy until the spring of 2023 has been criticised as “dangerous” by environmental campaigners...

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