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Donna Summer’s greatest songs – ranked!

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Sessions for Donna Summer’s I’m a Rainbow were interrupted when her label boss David Geffen fired producers Giorgio Moroder and Peter Bellotte. The unfinished album was eventually released in 1996 – a remix collection...

Deur 'n hupstootjie te gee voordat die wêreld ingeënt word, sal die Verenigde Koninkryk nie beskerm word teen Covid nie

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Sou Brittanje versterkingsdosisse vir breë dele van die bevolking goedkeur? Die Gesamentlike Komitee vir Inenting en Immunisering (JCVI) besluit hierdie week, en het reeds aangeraai om 'n derde dosis aan ouer as 11 jaar te bied..

The devil’s in the detail: hair horns become summer’s hot new trend

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This year has brought many unexpected hair trends. First came the shullet (a cross between the 90s shag and the harder 80s mullet), then the wolf cut (a long choppy style with wispy layers and a heavy fringe), but now...

High summer’s abundance brings memories of a Devon childhood

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We arrive tired around midnight. The meadow is fantastical in the headlights. Six weeks of high summer growth and the ragged post-lawn we left is almost otherworldly. We dump our bags by the car and explore by phone t...

‘I had a crush on my sexy manager’: seven readers on their summers of love

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After just one week of living in New York, the city locked down, and a summer of love seemed unlikely. I did go on a series of virtual dates, with around 20 guys over four months; some were funny, kind and smart, en ...

Summer’s here and salad days go on for ever – more’s the pity

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In matters of lunch, I am not a sunny individual. I try to be. When these, the summer months, roll around I imagine myself to be one of those heat-kissed, carefree types in a loose white linen shirt, doing sensitive t...

Factory Summers by Guy Delisle review – trouble at the mill

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Guy Delisle is best known for his brilliant, offbeat travelogues (Burma Chronicles, Pyongyang, Jerusalem) en, more recently, for Hostage, his extraordinary account of the kidnapping of Christophe André of Médecins Sa...

Even with the delay in England’s lockdown lifting, Covid cases and deaths will still rise

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The prime minister has announced that England is not yet able to remove the final public health measures that are in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and that these measures are likely to remain until 19 Julie. ...

Oxygen shortages are killing thousands. Why aren’t we doing more about this?

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The basics of caring for acutely unwell patients are simple: air needs to go in and out and blood needs to go round and round. Across the world, the pandemic has consistently shown how poorly equipped healthcare syste...

Lockdown makes humble flip-flop summer’s high-fashion hit

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Flip-flops have long been a staple of heatwaves, found everywhere from beaches to barbecues. Maar, in 2021, the humble footwear – which can cost as little as £5 – are set to be fashion’s shoe of the summer. Flip-flops ...

Shygirl, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, PinkPantheress: summer’s hottest artists

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If the season is going to be one, long, sweat-soaked bacchanalian orgy, then allow south-east London’s Blane Muise, AKA Shygirl, to supply the filthy, gorgeous soundtrack. Her most recent, Sophie-assisted Alias EP, a ...

From Summer Holiday to Midsommar: 10 of the best cinematic summers

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“We’ve seen it in the movies, now let’s see if it’s true.” Cinema has always had a soft spot for the azure skies, sun-blessed landscapes and limpid seas of the ideal getaway destination. Peter Yates’s musical gave us ...

Romania’s extreme conditions: from Danube-freezing winters to 42C summers

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Like other countries in south-east Europe, Romania has a temperate continental climate, with very warm summers and cold, snowy winters. In the capital, Bucharest, summer temperatures regularly reach the mid-30s, while...

Weerhorlosie: Qatar’s hot, rainless summers

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One of the smallest countries in the Middle East – only just over half the size of Wales – Qatar has, as you might expect, a very uniform climate. Like its neighbours, Bahrain to the north-west and the United Arab Emi...

Any Covid inquiry must help us ‘fix the roofbefore the next pandemic hits

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How could a public inquiry help us prepare for the next pandemic? The mistakes made during the UK’s Covid crisis – from a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health and social care workers, to an inadequat...